The Twelfth Day of Christmas: Grinch Party!

Welcome! Since it is our Twelfth Day, I thought it would be fitting to go out with a party! Recently, I gave my Ginger Grand a Grinch party.  Ever since he was a baby, he has been a fan of the Grinch.  I decided to set it up in the garden and surprised him--he loved it!  Our "party" consisted of just the two of us, but this would be fun with a group of kids.  Pre-schoolers could even help with some of the preparations. I set the table with a bright red snowflake tablecloth that had a Dr. Seuss-ish look about it.  The felt Christmas tree headband pictured on the chair reminded me of the big tree in the book.  It was a "new" thrift find meaning it still had its tags and hadn't been worn.  Honestly, I wasn't too sure if GG would go for this, but he wore it nonstop until he went to bed!  

Grinch party

The Grinch fruit kabobs were a Pinterest idea--are they cute, or what?!  These are sure to bring out the kid in grown ups as well. My Bible study friends were equally enthusiastic when I shared them at our recent pot luck!  I used regular toothpicks to stack the grape, banana slice, strawberry and mini marshmallow. This is one time smaller strawberries are best--it won't all fit on the pick if the grape or strawberry is too large. The tiny stars are just cheese slices cut with a cookie cutter. GG is all about the cheese!

Grinch fruit kabobs

I used a green plastic ornament to make the Grinch. Drawing is not my strength, so if I could pull it off, so can you! I paused the Dr.Seuss cartoon, and practiced on paper first. Of course drawing on a flat surface was easier than it was to draw on a round ornament! I used a Sharpie, starting with the eyes and then the mouth. Then I added other squiggles and lines to try to capture his impish expression.  For the hat, I cut two triangles out of felt and stitched them together, leaving the bottom edge open. It could probably be glued instead, if sewing is not your forte. Before gluing the hat to the ornament, I poked a tiny hole using the ornament hook, at the end of the hat, then pulled the hook through. This allows Mr.Grinch to hang from the hook, rather than his hat alone. Next, I glued the hat to the head and when that dried, added some polyfil "fur" and a pompom to the Santa cap. It actually sounds more complicated than it was! I have started the tradition of giving GG an ornament each year, so this was going to be the one. I made it the night before our party.

Grinch Christmas ornament

What party would be complete without Grinch punch? It was actually a lime sherbet and gingerale float which GG called Grinch ice cream. I'm pretty sure from now on any green ice cream or sherbet will be dubbed as Grinch as far as he is concerned! FYI the picture is before any drinking was done.  As a good Tahtee, I made only a two year old portion--not to mention GG was sleeping at my house after the party ;)

Grinch punch

Last but not least, I leave you with my favorite Dr. Seuss quote, also from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."  It serves as a greeting and also a timely reminder on the DIY chalkboard near my back door. 

Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Dear friends, thanks for visiting my 12 Days of Christmas! I pray you have a Merry little Christmas--let your hear will be light!  

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  1. grinch - the guy everyone loves to hate :) He learns in the end though and he would LOVE this party! Thanks for sharing at the Christmas in July link up!


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