A Box of Adventures for Ginger Grand!

Greetings Friends! This week I've had the joy of entertaining my five year old grandson, who I affectionately refer to as Ginger Grand. GG and both of my daughters reside in Colorado--one difficult transition for this Texas Mom/Tahtee! Youngest Daughter had to return to work, but she brought GG fo stay for his first big boy visit without Mommy.  We have had a blast and my house is going to feel awfully empty when his visit comes to a close in a few days.  Like most little ones, GG is a bundle of energy so I planned ahead with a box of adventures for us to share together...

Upcycled box of adventures

In anticipation of his visit, I gathered books, toys and craft activities and most of them were thrifted finds. I filled a large box I'd kept from an Amazon purchase...

Upcycled box of adventures

.....and gave it an upcycle with a coat of chalkboard paint. 

Upcycled box of adventures

Next, I decorated it with a quote from Winnie the Pooh, using chalkboard stickers from my craft stash.  

Winnie the Pooh

Each time we completed an adventure, we recorded it on the side of the box.  I'm hoping to make Camp Tahtee an annual tradition and it will be fun to continue to add to our list of adventures. 

Upcycled chalkboard box

Here's a few highlights:

I was thrilled when I learned that Bandera Natural History Museum was featuring a dinosaur exhibit opening the week Ginger Grand arrived. The dinosaur play stations alone are worth the price of admission and the dinosaurs were created by the same company that created those featured in Jurassic Park and Night at the Museum. How cool is that? GG loved it! The Grand Opening is July 2. 

Bandera National History Museum

Ever since GG was a toddler, he has been infatuated with ladybugs. He's named my little red car The Ladybug and recently we've been learning about the tiny garden helpers. When I found the ladybug and butterfly crowns, I couldn't resist and they inspired a little garden party, complete with a build your own ice cream bar and crafts. The golf ball lady bugs were a joint effort. After painting them red, GG drew the dots and antennae and I painted the faces.  I'm sending most of them home for him to use in his garden, but he hid several for me to find later ;) 

Ladybug ice cream party

Stay tuned--I have a few more of our craft projects to share that are the perfect kids' activities for the summer months!

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  1. Cecilia, how fun! Wish my grands were this age again! I see the zoo on your box...did he enjoy that? Or I should say, did y'all enjoy it? The zoo is a place you don't often visit as an adult. Can't wait to hear of your other adventures!

  2. What wonderful fun! You're a good grandma! :-)

  3. He's so cute! I love your idea for an adventure box. How neat to record your adventures on the side! Maybe someday I'll have my own grand to make one for. ;-)
    Here's to many, many more Summer camps with GG.

  4. Cecilia, I'm not a parent so no grands here to share adventures, but I sure do like this idea. I'm passing it along to my sister and friends who do have little ones to entertain. Darling idea! And I love Winnie the Pooh quotes.
    Glad to know about the dinosaur park. '-)

  5. Looks like both of you are having a lot of fun. Glad he got to go the the Bandera Natural History Museum. He may want to stay all summer.
    Audrey Z.

  6. How fun! I know you are making lots of fun memories with your grandson!

  7. The kindergarten teacher (and mom!!) in me, loves this!! Enjoy him!!

  8. Even though my grandson is older he would love the Adventure Box. Looks like you are having a lot of fun with him!

  9. Love that box of activities! How neat! Looks like you both had a great visit! He sure is a cutie! :) ~Rhonda

  10. Cecilia, this is such an adorable idea and that little redhead makes my heart pitter patter. My older son is a redhead too...of course he's 26 now. :)

    Pinning to my summer time board.

  11. What a fun Grandma you are!! All of your games and crafts look like so much fun. A dinosaur exhibit is the best!

  12. What a fun idea!! Love it. So sweet!

  13. It has been a joy to see you all together and this is one wonderful idea!
    You are the best Grandma:)

  14. How fun to have your little guy come stay with you! Love lady bugs as well. Now when I see one I will think of him. :) Thanks for sharing with the garden party.

  15. What a happy way to spend the day.Your post was truly like a lovely rose.Thank you for linking up to the garden party.

  16. What a fun Grandma you are!! I have always done crafts with my grandkids and they look forward to it. They are older than yours and also love to play board games and beat me!! He is a lucky boy to have you in his life!!


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