DIY Vintage Framed Chalkboard

Greetings Friends! Recently, I saw this ornately framed chalkboard at World Market.  You know I love me some chalkboards and the embellished white frame was sheer perfection. I knew as soon as I saw it (and the price tag) I would be making my own version. 

ornate framed chalkboard
World Market's Framed Chalkboard--lovely but at $39.99, not a lovely price!

Friday's Find: Vintage Jadeite Pie Plate

Thank God it's thrifty Friday! Today I am sharing two fabulous kitchenware finds! First, look at these charming Vintage plates I scored for .25 each! This lovely Autumn Harvest pattern by Ever Yours was produced from 1955-1965. I found several each of this small plate size in addition to some dinner plates and small bowls hidden in stacks of other not-so-pretty dishes. In fact, these were so dirty, I first thought they were damaged. They just needed some tender loving care--so don't be afraid to hunt and dig! Your hidden treasures are waiting to be found!

Vintage Ever Yours Autumn Harvest plates
Love, love, love using seasonal plates with my collected Jadeite!

Warm & Cozy Guest Rooms

Greetings Friends!The holidays are just around the corner--are you expecting visiting family and friends?  A few simple preparations in your guest room can help give your visitors a warm welcome. Consider small, thoughtful gestures they would enjoy like this cozy chair tucked in the corner for reading.

Warm and Cozy Guest Rooms  Cozy bedroom touches with thrift store decor

DIY Lavender Linen Spray & Lemongrass Household Cleaner

Hello Friends! Have you tried essential oils for cleaning? I have been using natural essential oils in my home for several years now.  The benefits are countless. They provide an inexpensive way to go green, fight germs and make your house smell clean and fresh without using chemicals!  All you need is distilled water, white vinegar and the essential oils of your choice.  

DIY Lavender Linen Spray and Lemongrass Household Cleaner Made with Essential Oils

Friday's Find: Superheroes!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! It's that time of year again--in a few weeks, there will be a host of superheroes and princesses wandering our streets! Did you know thrift stores are THE best place to find costumes? Whether you are dressing up yourself, hunting for pirate paraphernalia, or stocking a dress up chest, start by hunting yard sales and browsing thrift stores.  The Grand, who has been known to spontaneously don a Thor mask he got from his Auntie, is into superheroes in a big way, so much so that I have plans to make him a SH quilt for Christmas--but that 's another post....

Batman mask
Batman mask for Ginger Grand!

Creating Your Own Charming Plate Collage

Greetings Friends! Have you noticed the increasing number of plate display wall hangings available in home decorating stores?  Usually, the "plates" which are often metal or materials other than china or pottery, are assembled as one large piece and as you can imagine, also carry one large price tag!   Some time ago,  I admired a wall hanging like this at Pier One.  The colors complimented my decor and I considered splurging...and then I reconsidered!  At the time, it was unique in that I hadn't seen any like it before.  Since then, they are popping up all over the place and starting to have that manufactured generic look.  As you probably guessed I decided to create my own collage.  With my affection for pretty dishes and frequent thrift store visits, I had plenty at my fingertips!  As you can see, choosing your own plates and the way they are displayed allows versatility and showcases your personality.  Your display might be all the same pattern or a different color for each plate.  Can you tell I am partial to flowers? 
Plate wall collage
My first plate collage hangs on the wall opposite my dining table

DIY Burlap & Chalk Cloth Banner

Greetings Friends! Designers and event planners everywhere have jumped on the bunting banner wagon! Weddings, baby showers, graduations and more are hanging celebratory greetings in honor of each special occasion. I have seen many varieties from Vintage hankies and lace to sheet music, all lovely to behold! I decided to combine two of my favorites: chalk cloth and burlap. Burlap adds warmth to the Autumn months and versatile chalk cloth allows you to change the greeting seasonally. These are easy to make and best of all, they can be used again and again!

burlap and chalk cloth outdoor banner
Burlap and chalk cloth banner perched atop my fence for a warm welcome!

Friday's Find: Jack & Jill O' Lanterns!

TGITF Friends! How cute are these metal Jack O' Lanterns?! I must confess this is more my speed rather than carving real ones.  When I spied them for 50% off at my favorite thrift store, I decided they needed to come home with me!  They look bright and festive nestled near my front door.  Ginger Grand was equally impressed and promptly named the larger one after me--the name he calls me anyway-- and the smaller one after himself!

metal jack o'lanterns
"Tahtee & Silas"

Autumn Harvest Mantel

Hello, Friends! As promised, here is my seasonal mantel arranged with thrift findsDIY projects, clearance markdowns and of course, tiny pumpkins!  The mirror, my newest fave find, actually falls into both of the first two categories.  While I realize it has been mentioned twice previously, it is the perfect example of hunting for treasure, transforming it to make it your own and finding the perfect spot to let it shine. 

Autumn harvest mantel

October Show and Tell: Your Turn to Shine!

Greetings Friends! Show and Tell is a chance for me to brag on you-- my thrifty and creative readersIf you have not had the chance to participate yet, it is not too late.  Simply email or post a picture of your most recent thrift find, DIY project or makeover to be featured in a future post.

Stacy found this weathered wooden arch for only $5. Take a look at the Before:

Upcycled wooded arch
Stacy scored this great architectural find for $5 at a neighborhood yard sale...

Friday's Find: Thrift Store Mirror Makeover

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today's find is this marvelously ornate mirror! The size alone gave me pause, but at 50% off the already discounted price at my favorite thrift haunt, I knew I would regret walking away from this one! It is huge and was not easy to hang, but done oh so carefully and with lots of prayer-- seriously! It looks right at home above my mantel, though I probably will paint it

Thrift store mirror

Secret Garden Herbs Greek Salad

Greetings Friends! As a salad lover, I love to try unusual combinations or mix up new varieties on a classic. There are two things that ruin a good salad for me.  First, I dislike iceberg lettuce, period!  Also, overdressing makes a perfectly good salad soggy and adds unwanted calories. My recent favorite has been my own version of the traditional Greek salad.  This recipe is a large portion, as in my dinner, for one or could be a side salad for two.

Secret Garden Herbs Greek salad