Summertime: Patriotic Planters!

Greetings Friends, I'm so glad you are here! Are you ready for The Fourth? I bet you are ready for a nice long holiday weekend!  Friday's Find offered some colorful ideas for decorating your garden with festive thrifted treasures.  Today I am continuing the spirit with these cheery patriotic planters for your porch, patio or even indoors...

Upcycled patriotic planters

Friday's Find: Fourth of July Edition!

Hi there, so glad you stopped by for another TGITF! Today's fabulous finds are all about the Fourth of July AND all thrifted for $1 or less! Yep, even this spectacular starry tablecloth :) The tablecloth is staying here in the gazebo--you'll see it again on Sunday. For now, take a stroll with me to see how I used the rest of these patriotic treasures in my garden...

patriotic thrift store finds

Summertime: Super Cool Drinks With A Healthy Twist!

Happy Wednesday Friends! It's getting H-O-T out there, so today I am sharing some delicious drinks guaranteed to cool you down. They are yummy and healthy--each contains at least one Superfood.  I have selected a few of my favorites that you may not have tried before....

Healthy drink recipes

Summertime: Tablescape

Greetings Friends! Today's Summertime feature is one for indoors. As temperatures rise don't you just want to keep everything from your clothes to your decor light and breezy? That works for me and is also the inspiration for my seasonal tablescape--white crisp cotton and cheerful pops of color, all from my collection of thrifted treasures.  I will keep this fresh setting through the summer and Labor Day. Follow along for inspiration for your next jaunt to the thrift store...

Vintage summer tablescape

Friday's Find: Vintage Bag Vignette

Hi Friends--so glad you stopped by for another thrifty Friday! Today's fabulous find is this gorgeous Vintage bag.  I particularly love the detail; the needlepoint and beading, the intricately designed clasp...swoon! Can you believe this was also from a yard sale? I rescued it and found the perfect place to display it.

Vintage beaded handbag

Summertime: Preparing Your Garden For Vacation!

Happy Wednesday! Summer is vacation time which means not only making preparations for your travels but also your home and garden while you're gone.  I live in Texas and being away from my garden for a week could mean coming home to dead plants--that's no fun! No worries, I have learned a few precautions to help keep your flowers fresh while you're gone...

Garden watering tips

Summertime: Red, White and Blue Fruit Bowls!

Greetings, Friends! Can you believe it's mid June already? Summer is upon us; the season of grilling, picnics and outdoor fun! Today I am sharing a yummy, healthy and festive treat perfect for any summertime celebration.

Red white and blue fruit bowls

Friday's Find: Vintage Luggage

Hello! Oh. My. Thrifty-Goodness! Looky what I found last weekend at a neighborhood yard sale just sitting on a driveway waiting for me!  I should mention that this neighborhood sale was getting some serious traffic.  Cars were lined up and down the street.  As I got out of my car I spotted these beauties and noticed several people walking up beside me.  I hustled on over and bent down to look at the price--then I did a double take--Samsonite and $4!! I honestly thought I might have missed seeing the zero next to that four! I rushed over to the sweet elderly couple hosting the sale.  I told them that I wanted the luggage and the gentleman told me that it belonged to the family that raised him.  Aww....I just love that! Great story and best luggage find ever!

Vintage Samsonite luggage set

Healthy Living: How I Kicked My Coffee Creamer Addiction!

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Did you hear about the recent "Fed up" challenge? It was featured on the Katie show and based on the documentary of the same name.  I have been a long time label reader where it concerns fat and calories but I have to admit sugar has been my last hold out.  Can you relate?   What has been shocking to me is how many foods have added sugar that I would not even consider sweet. Even more of a revelation is that my usual two iced coffees with my favorite creamer adds 24 grams of sugar which is actually the recommended allowance for the whole day! That really put my unhealthy habit into perspective for me.  On my quest to consume less added sugar, I came up with a healthy alternative for my morning routine with zero added sugar! 

Coffee creamer alternative

Repurposed Shutter--Drab to Fab!

Greetings Friends! As promised, today I am sharing my latest project using recent
Friday's Finds.  You know how I love me some Vintage dishes, so what could be better than a shutter repurposed as a plate rack? Best of all, everything including the paint was thrifted! 

Repurposed vintage shutter plate rack

Friday's Find: Pretty Floral Platter

TGITF Friends! Thanks for dropping by today. I have been working on a project and have been keeping my eye out for the finishing touch.  Last weekend I hit some early morning yard sales. When I saw this Shabby Chic Vintage platter, I knew it was just the thing! Don't you love when that happens? Stay tuned Sunday to see how I combine my pretty new treasure with a repurposed find!

Vintage floral platter

Until next week, happy hunting!

My Thrift Store Addiction

Healthy Living: Panera Inspired Strawberry, Poppy Seed and Chicken Salad

Happy Wednesday Friends! Do you love Panera as much as I do? Unfortunately the closest one to me is almost an hour drive.  After I fell in love with their Strawberry Poppy Seed and Chicken Salad and started having cravings, I came up with this copycat recipe. It is so healthy and refreshing and not only easy to make but cheaper! 

Panera inspired strawberry poppy seed and chicken salad

Party In A Suitcase: College Graduation Celebration!

Greetings Friends! It's graduation season and I am proud to announce that my Dear Firstborn recently graduated college with honors!  While DF was slaving away to turn in her last final due two days before the ceremony and working the day prior, I was making party preparations. Since I was traveling for the ceremony, that meant the challenge of fitting most of the decorations for the festivities in my suitcase! With God's grace and lots of rearranging, I managed and the party was absolutely lovely. Today I am sharing fun, easy and inexpensive ideas from DF and yours truly...

Party in a suitcase