Summertime: Preparing Your Garden For Vacation!

Happy Wednesday! Summer is vacation time which means not only making preparations for your travels but also your home and garden while you're gone.  I live in Texas and being away from my garden for a week could mean coming home to dead plants--that's no fun! No worries, I have learned a few precautions to help keep your flowers fresh while you're gone...

Garden watering tips
I start by soaking my landscaping with a good watering the day before I leave.  My last few trips it actually rained before I left--what a blessing! Next, I move most of of my container plants to Ginger Grand's wading pool. I fill it half full with water and then squeeze in as many plants as  I can. Don't worry about making your larger plants fit--I have another suggestion for them.

Watering tips

I save wine bottles for my larger container plants.  They hold more water than watering orbs and I try to repurpose/recycle in the garden whenever I can.  Just fill with water, invert, and push them firmly into the plant. Easy peasy! 

Repurposed wine bottle watering orb

Do you have other go-away-tips? I would love to hear--share the love! 

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  1. Hi Cecilia ... What a great idea. Good luck with keeping your plants looking pretty while on vacation.

    Nice to see you Wednesday. Hope you found some treasures.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. These really are great ideas. I love the wading pool for plants!!

  3. Thanks Linda! You know how hot it gets in Texas :) Blessings, Cecilia

  4. A wading pool is a great idea! I must say that wine glasses look nicer than 2 litter soda bottles. :) I'm in Southern California and we don't get much rain so these are great ideas. Thanks!


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