Repurposed Shutter--Drab to Fab!

Greetings Friends! As promised, today I am sharing my latest project using recent
Friday's Finds.  You know how I love me some Vintage dishes, so what could be better than a shutter repurposed as a plate rack? Best of all, everything including the paint was thrifted! 

Repurposed vintage shutter plate rack
This unopened bottle of paint was .25 at a yard sale a few months ago and sure came in handy! I decided to keep the rustic finish on one side in case I get a whim for change in the future, then gave the shutter two coats and allowed it to dry overnight.

Repurposed vintage shutter plate rack

After hanging the shutter, I waited several days before adding any plates to be sure it was in the "right" place, as I often do with new projects. Anytime I walk by, I pause to step back and survey with fresh eyes.   I usually decide pretty quickly if it has found a home.  Anybody else do that?

Repurposed vintage shutter

The platter was a recent find and the other plates from my previously thrifted collection. I pick up wire plate hangers from yard sales whenever I see them, so I had them on hand as well.  Voila! My lovely plates have found their home sweet home!  What's your latest DIY or repurpose? 

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  1. Hi Cecilia ... love this shutter. So happy to meet you at our Garage Sale this week-end. Yes, our paths have crossed. I remember seeing the shutter in Fabulous Finds last week when you were looking at it and was hoping 'that lady' would not buy it, but when I checked back, it was gone. You have great taste and it is perfect with the vintage plate/platter.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. Thanks Audrey--we are surely kindred spirits!

  3. Just goes to show the possibilities are endless with thrift store finds!

  4. Hey Cecilia...I love it that you even used thrifted PAINT! LOVE that shutter, and I think it's clever to keep one side rustic and one side white. Yep, it looks like a keeper. Thanks for sharing with us at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday Link Party this week. :) You're going to be featured.

  5. Hey Revi, love your party and plan to make it a frequent stop! Thrilled to be featured--thanks so much!

  6. Hi, Cecilia! Your shutter looks amazing hanging over your doorway! It is so pretty. Thank you for sharing at our first On Display Thursday! I hope you will visit often. :-) - Bre @ Average But Inspired

  7. Love this Cecilia! I have large shutters on my 'to find' list. lol! I passed some up a while ago and been kicking myself ever since. Pinning.


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