Herb Drying Thyme with a French Bottle Rack!

Greetings Friends! It's that time of year when I start drying herbs and I discovered a new gadget to make the job a little easier...

Herb drying

When the Glass Slipper Shatters: My First EBook

Hello Friends! You may remember I mentioned something special I wanted to share with you--I am launching my first eBook!  While I realize that most of you are not directly affected by divorce, many of you are close to someone who is or has been. It can be such a devastating time and my desire is to offer hope and encouragement.  Do you know someone who needs to know her fairy tale is not over?  {Available on Amazon ~ click on the book image!}

When the Glass Slipper Shatters: Recreate Your Fairy Tale After Divorce by Cecilia Lynne

Garden Therapy!

Happy Wednesday Friends! I read somewhere that an overcast day is a gardener's friend.  I couldn't agree more and this one is timed perfectly! It has been exactly two weeks since my house was turned upside down by a burst kitchen hose and the after effects of flooding.  The insurance adjuster has come and gone, and the house is pretty much back together with the exception of the damage to my original concrete floors.  As I waited for bids for the repair, I found myself getting antsy--nothing a little garden therapy couldn't cure...

Vintage lawn chairs

Liberty Blue Tablescape

Greetings Friends! You've heard me say it before, and you'll probably hear me say it again. My name is Cecilia, and I am a dishaholic!  This gorgeous set of Liberty Blue was such a steal, I just couldn't resist...

Liberty Blue Tablescape

Friday's Find: This, That and Transferware!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! It was a great week for transferware and you know how I love it...
Fabulous thrift store finds

What a Difference a Week Can Make!

Happy Wednesday Friends! It has been a long week but I finally have my happy kitchen back...

Vintage jadeite tablescape

After a Flood: Gratitude and Making Peace!

Greetings Friends! I want to thank all of you who sent kind thoughts and prayers when my house flooded from a burst kitchen hose. With all that is going on, I am a little behind on my usual blog visits, but I hope to catch up soon. Since my last post, slowly but surely I am making a little progress.  I received some good news...

Gratitude and peace

My Not-So-Happy Wednesday!

Hello Friends! Today is a detour from my usual Friday post.  No fab finds or pretty pictures to share today.  Unfortunately, I spent the last two days with this guy--not my favorite date for sure!

Water damage after flooding

In the Garden: When It's Time For A Change!

Happy Wednesday Friends! It has become a long, hot summer here in Texas.  We have only had one night of rain in the last six weeks and sadly my garden is showing it! When I first started gardening, I moved plants around like furniture in my house, until I found the best place for them.  Now that my garden is more established, I try not to move older plants but whether it is due to drought or another issue, sometimes a change is needed...

Changes in the garden

Chicken Feeder Challenge: Nostalgic Child's Play Mantel

Greetings Friends! With many states participating in the tax free weekend, I am sure lots of you have back to school on your mind.  Even so, since summer is not quite over, I decided to update my mantel before fall is upon us. This thrifted vintage game board provided the inspiration...

Nostalgic vintage toy mantel

Friday's Find: Estate Sale Vignettes

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today I'm sharing some of my recent estate sale finds and the simple vignettes I created with them...

Vintage mirror

Think Beachy Thoughts Chevron Wreath

Happy Wednesday, Friends!  I love the challenge of crafting with random clearance items like this chevron wreath I found 90% off.  Come see how I used things I already had at home for a little coastal inspiration...

Beachy chevron wreath

Make Your Own Organic Herb Rub and My Grilled Pork Chop Recipe!

Greetings Friends! There is something about food cooked on the grill that just tastes better! Today I'm sharing my easy herb rub recipe sure to complement your grilled favorites...

Etsy: Secret Garden Herbs