Blessing Tree & Winter Whimsy Tablescape!

Greetings Friends! Did you eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie? I enjoyed a wonderful holiday with my girls and Ginger Grand in Colorado. We had such a sweet time--saying good-bye is always a challenge! A little Christmas decorating was just what I needed...

Winter Whimsy tablescape

Friday's Find: Vintage Christmas!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday Friends! If you are reading this, you are probably at your computer leisurely browsing rather than fighting Black Friday crowds--good for you! I have some fabulous Vintage finds just for Christmas...

Vintage Christmas music box

Countdown to Christmas Eve: Silver Bells!

Happy Wednesday Friends and Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I bet you see these mini molds at thrift stores all the time.  I know I do--so I decided to make silver bells, silver bells…

Repurposed mini jello mold silver bells!

Simple Turkey Veggie Tray!

Greetings Friends! We had a storm last night and my internet is down so I am posting this morning from Starbucks.  Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon but if you don't hear from me, you'll know why! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am really looking forward to spending some time with my daughters and Ginger Grand. He loves to help and I wanted to include a healthy kid friendly option for us to make together….

Turkey shaped fruit and veggie tray

Friday's Find: Vintage Vanity Mirror!

TGITF Friends! Do you frequent craft shows this time of year? Today's feature is this Vintage vanity mirror I scored from a recent show...

Vintage vanity mirror

Countdown to Christmas Eve: Vintage Thread Snowman!

Happy Wednesday Friends! I have had so much fun repurposing my thrift store finds as Christmas decorations and sharing them with you!  Can you believe we're 5 Wednesdays from Christmas Eve? Our countdown continues with this sweet snowman constructed from Vintage thread spools...

Vintage thread spool snowman

A Special Gathering--You're Invited!

Hello sweet Friends! Are you surprised to hear from me on a Monday? I  am here to extend a special invitation. I am so excited to be participating in Creating Christmas the week of December 8-December 12! Each night will feature a different theme and blogger as listed below:

                          Please join us!

Creating a Cozy Home on a Budget!

Greetings Friends! Wow, that arctic front this week made me want to stay indoors and snuggle up! Home is our sanctuary and this time of year, I am particularly grateful for my mine.  Recently, I helped a friend transform her family's apartment for less than $60!  Whether you live in a rental or just want to add some warmth to your living space for the holidays, come see what we did...

Warm and cozy home on a budget

Friday's Find: Gobble, Gobble!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today's fabulous find is this quirky little turkey...

Terracotta turkey

Countdown to Christmas Eve: DIY Ornament Chandelier!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Today I am continuing our countdown to Christmas Eve with one of my most popular holiday decorations, a simple DIY ornament chandelier...  

DIY ornament chandelier

Cherished Family Keepsakes

Greetings Friends! Are you enjoying your weekend? I have been basking in the gorgeous weather here.  First, we received some much needed rain and now some glorious fall temperatures...finally! Recently my mother gave me several treasured keepsakes; among them her high school typewriter and some family photos from my childhood.  Feeling sentimental as the holidays approach, I was looking for a unique way to display both--maybe you can relate. Today I am sharing my solution...

Friday's Find: Estate Sale Linens!

TGITF Friends! Are you ready for some weekend thrifting? I've been to several estate sales recently--one of my favorite places to scavenge Vintage linens! What is it about a delicate lace doily or crisp embroidered pillowcase that makes my heart go pitter patter? Today I am sharing my recent finds plus a few of the ways I use them in my home...

Countdown to Christmas Eve: Fa La La La Funnel Trees!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Can you believe this week marks 7 Wednesdays until Christmas Eve? Our countdown continues with a simple, festive recreated project--fa la la la funnel trees! 

Repurposed funnel Christmas trees

Savory Organic Pumpkin Hummus!

Greetings Friends! Are you having a relaxing weekend? It seems the fall weather has everyone craving various pumpkin spice concoctions and I'm no different. Today I am sharing my organic pumpkin hummus.  It's simple, savory and guilt free...

Organic pumpkin hummus