Friday's Find: The Journey, Not the Destination!

TGITF Friends! I'm sure you are familiar with the expression It's the journey, not the destination...

Vintage door knobs and Pyrex

A Tablecloth Curtain for Storage Issues and My Experience with Countertop Paint!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Do you have an awkward storage space that always looks cluttered even after you have organized it?  I have a simple solution--add a tablecloth curtain! 

Vintage tablecloth curtain

Making the Most of a Small Space: My Quest for a Pretty Laundry Room!

Greetings Friends! What to do with an awkward space--for years that has been my small laundry room dilemma. Since my home does not have a garage or basement and the attic access is extremely inconvenient, it has been quite a challenge to maintain organization and pretty didn't enter the equation...

Pantry Panache... for Pennies!

Greetings Friends! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!  Have you ever grown accustomed to an area you use daily, and then suddenly realize it has become a hot mess? Unfortunately, that pretty much summed up the state of my pantry before I gave it a touch of panache...

Where I Create!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Today I'm joining Karen at My Desert Cottage for Where Bloggers Create 2015.  You'll love seeing all of the inspiring creative spaces, but first--come and see where I create...

Vintage garden bike

Brunch in the Garden!

Greetings Friends! I have always enjoyed setting a pretty table for outdoor dining.  As promised, here's the brunch I prepared for my kids' recent visit....

Brunch in the garden

Dear Firstborn's Visit!

Happy Wednesday Friends! I want to thank you for your sweet comments and thoughts regarding my oldest daughter's visit.  We had the best time! Here's my darling girl modeling at our favorite thrift store...


DIY: I Painted My Oven--Really!

Greetings Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Fourth and relaxing weekend.  Have you ever had a pretty little thing--or in this case, not so little--get stuck in your mind? Inspiration turns to irresistible urge!  Obsessed or not, there was no way I was spending $5500 (seriously!) on this beauty, so I started to research... 

Friday's Find: A Little Christmas in July!

TGITF, Friends! I know we are barely into July and you may not want to even think about Christmas, but did you know the summer months can provide the best buys for holiday finds? {I've included a little non-holiday eye candy too...}

Vintage and Christmas thrifted finds

Red, White & Blueberry Fruit Bowls

Happy Wednesday Friends! As I write this, I'm waiting for Dear Firstborn to arrive from Colorado--I haven't seen her since last Thanksgiving so you can imagine how excited I am!   I will be away from my computer during her visit but wanted to leave you with a fun, festive recipe...

Red, white and blueberry fruit bowl