Pantry Panache... for Pennies!

Greetings Friends! Hope you are having a lovely weekend!  Have you ever grown accustomed to an area you use daily, and then suddenly realize it has become a hot mess? Unfortunately, that pretty much summed up the state of my pantry before I gave it a touch of panache...

....and pretty it was not--yikes! Time to get busy! 

Of course, everything had to be pulled out.  Translation: kitchen was a train wreck for three days! Clutter has a way of creeping in but I was determined to purge and organize and my goal was to use what I already had at home.  I realized the cranberry colored shelf paper was too dark for the small space and decided to use oil cloth to line the shelves.  I had a 30% off coupon for the local store where I buy it. What a difference, the liner alone made! I also bought several cans of .99 white spray paint--perfect for spraying baskets. Those were the only purchases I made. Snacks, pasta and baking goods were stored in baskets, while the can goods were arranged on the Lazy Susan.

Vintage pantry

Youngest Daughter and I were texting as I worked so I sent her a photo. Just as I anticipated, her response was "Where is the FOOD?"  I had to laugh but honestly, most of what I eat these days goes in the refrigerator.  Items that were only used seasonally were moved to a cabinet and others were donated, which left room to store some of my vintage serving dishes.  

Vintage pantry storage
Top two shelves
Retro oil cloth as shelf liner
Vintage pantry storage
Bottom two shelves 

It took awhile, but I am very happy with the results. I would love to hear about your adventures in organization!


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  1. It looks great! I need to redo my pantry!

  2. Looks lovely. It's amazing what a difference just changing the liner color did make!


  3. Sweetie it really looks amazing! I love the red and white theme. Hugs, Jo

  4. Stunning!
    What type of liner do you use?

  5. That cherry paper made all the difference. It has such a sweet vintage feel to it now with the white and pops of red. I LOVE it! I don't have many adventures in organization but I am very organized. I recently brought in two ugly gray metal shelves for my back room to put stuff for my Etsy shop....a to be listed and an already listed shelf. Not blog post worthy!!

  6. Oh, what a cute little space, my friend! You have certainly been busy and your hard work has paid off :)

    Thanks for sharing with Roses of Inspiration Hugs to you!

  7. Wow I love your pantry makeover! I would love to have you share this at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J party I co-host on Mondays.

  8. Looks so fresh and clean. Good job. Love the shelf liner. I think all my cabinets need to be cleaned out, refreshed and could use some pretty liner.

  9. That paper is so cute! Everything looks so neat and clutter free. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  10. It looks great. Love the cherry liner.

    My challenge is to keep what I've organized, neat, for more than a few months. :-) Hope you have a great week!

  11. A fun pretty pantry! What a lovely makeover!!

  12. Vintage green and red and cherries, too! What's not to love?!

  13. I love the color scheme and the vintage feel, Cecilia. I'm afraid that I have too many of these areas in my house :( Maybe one day I'll complete a fancy facelift like you have done here!

  14. Oh my girl, I am loving this! I have got to see if I can find some of that cherry oil cloth for my basement pantry. Love, love it! I have some cute tins on the top of my cupboard. I think I need to put them in my pantry. You know I love the colors! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you this week.

  15. Looks great. Love the cherry shelf liner!

  16. Cecilia! The Weekly Feature Series is live, where you are one of the features. Here's the link so you can check it out. Have a wonderful Sunday! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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