Create A Relaxing Garden Retreat!

Happy Spring Friends! I don't know about you but I have really enjoyed getting outside after our recent crazy weather. Whether you have a small patio or a large yard that needs some inspiration, you can create a peaceful, relaxing retreat in your outdoor space.   Let's take a stroll to the garden...

Cozy garden nook

Friday's Find: Lace Lovelies

Hello Friends! Aren't you glad it's finally Friday?  These lovely lace valances are today's fabulous thrift store find.  As soon as I spotted them, I knew they would be perfect for my latest project--new curtains for a guest room I am updating.  I plan on adding them to burlap panels and at $4 for the pair, they cost less than purchasing lace by the yard!  Whether you have your next project in mind, or are shopping for a Vintage look, thrift stores are a great place to shop for window treatments. 

Lace valances

Stay tuned to see how I combine these thrifty pretties with burlap for simple no sew curtains! I would love to hear your thoughts or see your latest  treasure.

My Thrift Store Addiction

The Bunny Chronicles

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Look what I found in my garden yesterday!  I was trimming some plants when I saw what I thought was a bird's nest.  I assumed it had fallen to the ground and was getting closer to take a photo when out popped the tiniest baby bunny I have ever seen! I didn't want to risk startling it so I zoomed in for the photo but it is small enough to fit in my hand--collective "awwww....!"

Baby bunny 

Whimsical Easter Tablescape

Hello Friends. Since Easter Sunday is four weeks from today I thought I would share my seasonal tablescape. As much as I love Christmas, I would have to say Easter is my favorite holiday; celebrating Christ's resurrection, new life, signs of Spring and the glorious weather! 

Whimsical Easter tablescape

Friday's Find: Vintage Serving

Greetings Friends--so glad you stopped by to see today's fabulous finds!  Both are Vintage treasures that match a few of my existing collections. First, I discovered this Fire-King Primrose cream and sugar at Friscoe Mercantile, when visiting my dear friend and thrifting partner, Stacy. We have added this fun mall to our list of favorite haunts for its huge selection, reasonable prices and vast array of creative ideas.  If you are ever in the area be sure to check it out!

Vintage Fire-King Primrose cream and sugar set

I am fond of using cream and sugar sets for displaying herbs or flowers.  You may remember my previous Fire-King Primrose so I was thrilled to find this set in mint condition, and a bargain as well!

Refresh Your Home: New Rugs!

Happy Wednesday Friends!  As you know, I have been in the process of updating and refreshing my home.  With my recent change of colors, my dining room rug looked too dark so the plan was to get another bamboo style comparable to the one in my living room.  The best place to find them is Garden Ridge which is a little over an hour away from my small town.  Not convenient, but I was determined and so I was off.  I left late enough to miss the morning traffic but early enough to grab my Chick-fil-a breakfast. Can't shop or make good decisions on an empty stomach--right?! Clear headed, pleasantly satiated and optimistic, I arrived ready to hunt, but right away my eyes were drawn to this vision in gray: 

New rugs for less

Skinny Shamrock Smoothie

Hello Friends! This time of year the copycat Shamrock shakes seem to be all the rage.  Since tomorrow is officially St. Patrick's Day I thought I would share my version--a Shamrock smoothie. 

Skinny Shamrock smoothie

Friday's Find: St. Patrick's Day and An Irish Blessing!

Greetings fellow thrifters! It's thrifty Friday and you don't have to be Irish to appreciate these lucky finds--each under $1!  In fact, this festive shamrock garland was only .25.  The clover has held a special place in my heart ever since I learned that St. Patrick used it as a teaching symbol for the Holy Trinity; one clover: three leaves as in one God: three persons.  I love that! 

St. Patrick's Day thrift store finds

Refresh Your Home: DIY Painted Furniture

Happy Wednesday Friends! Recently, I have been on a mission to refresh my home and have been painting like crazy!  Since my hallwaydining and living spaces are freshly painted I wanted to upgrade a few accent pieces as well. The great thing about painting furniture is that you can always repaint and believe me, I do!  I usually start with a light sanding, apply satin latex paint with a foam brush and finish with a light coat of wax. Here, I painted the sofa table from sage green to gray.

DIY painted furniture

Hardy Drought Tolerant Plants For Your Spring Garden

Hello Friends!  Here in the Texas Hill Country, we are still having unusually cold weather for the season.  Typically by the time March comes around, I have been out in my garden for weeks but this year our warm weather days seem to be followed by wet, cold ones!  Even so, my garden is beginning to show the first signs of Spring with colorful blooms that defy the otherwise dreary weather. Today I am sharing some of my favorite drought tolerant perennials as well as some colorful hardy container plants for your Spring garden.  

hardy drought tolerant plants

Carolina Jessamine is a pretty vine that stays green most of the year and displays vibrant yellow blooms in Spring. This is a great plant if you are new to gardening and one of the first I planted.

Friday's Find: Shabby Chic Shade

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today's find is this fabulous Shabby Chic lamp shade.  It caught my eye because though I often see lamps while thrifting, the shade is usually missing.  I have hunted for just the right shade on more than one occasion--this one is spotless, floral perfection for $5.  Happy dance!

Shabby Chic lamp shade

I would love to see your latest treasure! 

My Thrift Store Addiction

Refresh Your Home: My Happy Accident

Happy Wednesday Friends! As self prescribed therapy I have been in somewhat of a painting frenzy--my goal is to refresh my home while also keeping my sanity!  After completing my dining
and living rooms, the hallway was next.  Here is the previous mocha color:

Paint fail turned success

The shade I pictured in my mind was a pale robin's egg hue. I wish I could tell you I got it right the first time, but my first attempt was an epic fail! The mixed paint color matched the paint swatch which looked perfect held against the wall. However, I did not anticipate how the lighting or lack of in the narrow hallway would affect the color when actually on the walls.  While the daylight color was acceptable, at night  the color under my hall lighting glowed an eerie pistachio green--I kid you not! Unfortunately, in my zeal to finish I did not realize this until I completed the whole hallway! The good news is I do have a happy ending that happened almost on accident...

Paint fail turned success

Refresh Your Home: Gray & Turquoise Living Room Tour

Greetings Friends! Recently my intention to paint one dining room wall became a whole house project when I fell in love with my glorious gray paint.  Big surprise, right?! Picture one open room with the dining room wall at one end, and the turquoise living room wall the far opposite. The two long walls on either side were still the original cream color.  Since I am approaching my home's 15 year anniversary, I decided it was time to refresh them as well.  I cannot get over how this pale gray shade brightened the whole room and I am loving it!  Today I am sharing different views of the room and also some updates from previous posts.  Here, the walls are dry and the room is pretty much put back together.  

Gray and turquoise living room