Refresh Your Home: New Rugs!

Happy Wednesday Friends!  As you know, I have been in the process of updating and refreshing my home.  With my recent change of colors, my dining room rug looked too dark so the plan was to get another bamboo style comparable to the one in my living room.  The best place to find them is Garden Ridge which is a little over an hour away from my small town.  Not convenient, but I was determined and so I was off.  I left late enough to miss the morning traffic but early enough to grab my Chick-fil-a breakfast. Can't shop or make good decisions on an empty stomach--right?! Clear headed, pleasantly satiated and optimistic, I arrived ready to hunt, but right away my eyes were drawn to this vision in gray: 

New rugs for less

The perfect shade and I loved the pattern!  Needless to say, intentions for a second bamboo rug were quickly replaced by my desire to find two of these matching lovelies.  While there were piles of rugs, the challenge was finding two that were in good condition. It is kind of like shopping for clothes at Ross. There are some good finds available if you are willing to dig and hunt. Wouldn't you know, the ones I wanted always seemed to be on the very bottom? A lot of searching, dragging and pulling the cumbersome loads from one stack to another ensued and I am not exaggerating when I say I really got a work out by the time I found my perfect pair! Ideally, I was hoping to place one in the dining room and one for the living room but since the size was slightly smaller than the tried and true bamboo, I was willing to use both for one space if necessary. 
 Rug placement

So here is rug number one--pretty much as I envisioned it for the dining room.  I would have preferred a larger size had it been available but my growing fondness for both the pattern and color sealed the deal.  Below, you can see the living room with the previous natural bamboo rug.

New rugs for less

Here, the new rug really adds the wow factor--in my opinion there is no comparison!  Notice by turning it length wise, it appears bigger even though the bamboo is the larger rug.
Rug placement

One last thing--I am not a carpet girl.  I purposely picked a builder who agreed to scored concrete in the majority of the house and since then have ripped out carpet in two of the bedrooms!  In the past, I have chosen bamboo area rugs for the texture, durability and price.  I opted to shop Garden Ridge in search of a bargain so obviously these were not expensive rugs. However, when I compared prices online, I was really surprised to find comparable patterns and sizes in the $300 range!  Granted mine are not wool, but I am very pleased with my $50 knock offs--thank you very much! Obviously area rugs are not as expensive as replacing carpet, but if I had little ones at home, I might have been more cautious.  I will keep you posted on their durability...
How about you--do you prefer tile, hardwood or carpet? Any other scored concrete lovers out there? Sharing is caring! 

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  1. So wish we could have had scored concrete in our home! Our builder grade carpeting is NOT standing up to the test of any time...hopefully hardwood floors are in my future.


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