Chalkboard Paint to the Rescue!

Greetings Friends! Have you experimented with chalkboard paint yet? I've seen it used for projects big and small. From labeling herb pots, to painting a homework table or pantry door, it can provide a creative alternative and inexpensive solution for your next challenging project. Small bottles that can handle the average project can be purchased at craft shops while spray cans as well as larger cans for major tasks are available at home improvement stores. Expect to pay $5-$20 depending on the scale of your project. I thought I would share some of the ways I have used it in my home and garden. FYI, these all fall into the $5 bottle category.

chalkboard painted wine glasses

First, you may have seen these chalkboard painted wine glasses on Pinterest.  I decided these would be perfect for an event I was hosting in my garden.  I was able to find 14 glasses by shopping various thrift stores for several weeks and I only paid .25-.40 per glass!  I taped them just above the bottom of the glass stem and used a sponge brush to paint them.  I found that 2-3 coats were needed to cover the glass.  After allowing them to dry over night, I prepped them for writing by rubbing chalk over the painted surface, then wiping clean.  I used a chalk marker which lasts longer than regular chalk, but is still erasable to print the initials of my guests. These were a big hit at my Ladies Night in the Garden this spring and since then I have used them repeatedly. Note: These are not for the dishwasher!

chalkboard paint vent hood

I found another use for this nifty paint that I haven't seen used before.  When I updated some appliances in my kitchen, only my vent hood cover remained almond and glared at me every time I entered the room.  There wasn't anything wrong with it, so of course I didn't want to spend the money to replace it. I considered painting it a color, but have seen a few jobs gone wrong with the appliance type metal, and I did not want to see streaky paint every time I cooked. Then I thought of chalkboard paint--it doesn't streak and is easy to work with.  Plus, I could write on it! I loved the results and all it cost was a bottle of chalkboard paint. Presently, one of my favorite Bible verses greets me, but it's fun to change the message.  During the Christmas season, it read, "Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!" Got'cha singing didn't I?!  
Note 2: To my knowledge chalkboard paint is not heat rated.  I have an electric oven but would not try this with a gas stove.  If you are a frequent fryer, this is probably not the project for you!  Since I never fry anything and my painted hood does not ever get warm when I cook, this hasn't been an issue for me.  Having said that, please proceed with caution.

chalkboard paint burner covers

You can see in the photo that my oven is old school Vintage.  It is wider than standard, has a little side oven that is super handy and a griddle that makes the best grilled cheese.  But, it has the most hideous burners that beg to be covered even though I am not a fan of most burner covers available.  Solution: chalkboard paint! I bought covers from the dollar store, spray painted them and labeled them.  Note 3: Please read note 2 and remember to remove the covers any time the oven is on!  Even with the noted precautions, I can honestly say my kitchen chalkboard challenges have proven to be fun and functional adding unique personality to one of my favorite rooms.

Repurpose a tray as an outdoor chalkboard with chalkboard paint

Finally, I'll share the most frequent way I utilize chalkboard paint. I buy old trays at yard sales and paint the centers for instant messages. In my dining room, a small easel displays a silver tray that might list anything from the menu to song lyrics depending on the occasion. Another painted tray serves as a greeting for guests in the garden. Are you a chalkboard paint enthusiast?  I would love to hear about your projects!

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  1. I LOVE me some chalkboard paint. I had a very old mirror that had seen better days, but the frame was I painted the mirror. Instant message board.


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