For the Love of Vintage

Greetings Friends! When I was a little girl, I spent a lot of time at my grandmother's house. I have fond memories of sitting in her kitchen & drinking what she called "coffee milk".  Today we refer to it as a latte and it is still how I prefer my coffee.  Another sweet memory from Mo-maw's kitchen was her vanilla wafer layered banana pudding which she served from colorful Pyrex dishes.  Still another recollection is riding with her and my Aunt Stella to Purple Heart and the Sand Dollar which were my first thrift store experiences.  These trips were made that much more exciting by my Aunt Stella's reckless driving! Let's just say Aunt Stella was not the little old lady you get stuck behind and wish would speed up.  More likely, she would be the one to swerve in front of you for a parking spot!  Fortunately, I survived these trips unscathed.  It wasn't until I had children of my own that I returned to my thrifting roots.

Vintage dishes

Even more recently, I realized my affection for Vintage dishes. I started noticing Pyrex and Fire-King at estate sales and thrift stores and was perplexed by the warm fuzzy feelings I experienced. Then I remembered Mo-maw's banana pudding in her Pyrex refrigerator dish; Oprah would refer to as an "Ah-hah!" moment.  I started picking up a piece here and there, researching each pattern, when I found a bargain. Pictured above is most of my collection including the 1940s Sunbeam mixer that I purchased on Ebay-- it works like a charm!  When I discover a new treasure, I remember Mo-maw.  These days, we are keeping it in the family, as my daughters and sister-in-law share my love for these timeless treasures.  Recently, I learned my niece has also been bitten by the Pyrex bug.  Krissie is a new mother and when I went to visit her and her sweet baby, was pleased to discover she lives just minutes from my grandmother's former house. It was my pleasure to present her with a Mommy's gift arranged in a large Pyrex Amish Butterprint bowl, and had to laugh when she exclaimed, "I get to keep the bowl?!"  Mo-maw would have laughed too.  
How about you--do certain scents, images or sounds take you back? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

My Thrift Store Addiction

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