Friday's Find: A Pair of Vintage Bags

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Have you ever noticed that when you need a cute bag for a special occasion, there are none to be found?!  I prefer large bags for everyday, but I don't want to haul one if I'm dressed for a wedding.  Well, look what I found today--not one, but two Vintage clutch bags!  The skinny one has a beautiful rose pattern with silver metallic threads woven through its black background. I grabbed it from a sale hosted by one of my favorite companies: Golden Girls Estate Sales. The second, is a black satiny fabric with a classic silver chain and decorative clasp. It was stuck in the corner of a little resale shop I sometimes forget.  For .70 I sure am glad I remembered today! 

Vintage clutch bags

 Both are clean inside and have working clasps. Do remember to check the clasp before you purchase to ensure your bag will be fabulous and functional.  Rarely have the occasion for these dressy bags? Instead of sticking them on a closet shelf, consider displaying your beauties.  I have seen a bedroom wall adorned with a lovely collection. They make a perfect companion to popular Vintage luggage and I have even seen them used in wedding styling. Did you inherit an heirloom from a relative that is hiding its light in storage? What are you waiting for?! Dust it off and give it a place of honor.  Making your heritage part of your home adds character that can't be duplicated and you may be surprised how often it sparks conversation. Update: See other ways I use vintage bags in my home!

Vintage handbags
My favorite beaded bag and most recent find

How have you used family heirlooms or Vintage finds in your home?  Share your thoughts!

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