Mirror, Mirror....On My Fence

Once upon a time there was a thrifty lady who loved to hunt for unexpected treasures...

I may not have slayed any dragons in my time, but I am always on the quest for a good bargain! My latest mission: mirrors for my garden. I have a very long cedar fence and after hanging a few of my bargain finds and enjoying their reflection of the garden, decided I would continue adding to the collection as I found them. These featured are just past the gate's entrance, setting the fairy tale mood I aim to capture at The Secret Garden...

Mirror garden vignette

Since the fence borders the garden, adding multiple mirrors along its length transforms the ordinary. I paint them all morning glory blue as pictured, which not only brightens the fence but also serves as a nice contrast to the greens in the garden.  I've searched the usual places: yard and estate sales and thrift stores to find different sizes and shapes ranging from .25 to $4.00.  Recently, I found the two ornate ones above in that price range in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby. I do love me some Hobby Lobby!

Thrift store Mirror Garden Vignette

Here, I taped a mirror prior to painting and you may notice it still has its whopping .50 yard sale sticker. When you have a painting project, check your local home improvement store's "oops" shelf in the paint section.  It is much cheaper and I've had surprisingly good luck finding needed colors.  If you prefer to spray paint, just make sure the mirror is adequately covered.  A little paint and some thrifted mirrors can have an  enchanting effect.

Thrift store mirror garden vignette

...And She lived thriftily ever after!

Have you repurposed thrift finds in your home or garden? Please share your comments!

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  1. Wow! I love this idea and the color is perfect. I have trees that I could hang them on in my garden but my husband has claimed them for his woodland faces!


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