The Fourth Day of Christmas: Christmas in the Garden

Hi Friends! Our Fourth Day begins in the garden. Whether you have a small patio or a huge yard, your great outdoors is the introduction to your home.  You can offer guests a warm welcome without spending big bucks. Today I am sharing some of my Black Friday deals, thrifted finds and even a makeover that I used to decorate my garden.  The poinsettias above as well as the pine wreath below were purchased online at Lowe's Thanksgiving morning and picked up at my local store on Saturday--not Friday! The Christmas greeting sign was 50% off at my favorite thrift store.  Lined with burlap, my copper wall fountain makes a unique winter planter.

Repurposed fountain planter and poinsettias

I make my own Rosemary wreaths, but I do love the scent of pine during the holidays and it's hard to beat the $5 deal I scored!  When it comes to wreaths, I prefer simplicity.  I added only the red burlap bow and this Vintage inspired metal sign I picked up at Dollar Tree a few years ago. 

Black Friday sale fresh wreaths

The fresh garland I hung on my fence was yet another $5 BF deal. I paired it with this precious garland of tiny scarves and mittens; also a 50% thrift find.  I was on a mission to find some old ice skates to repurpose.  Not something you see often here in Texas-- considering it was 80 degrees here today, but I finally found some! Now, the pretty white one above is after my makeover.  

Fresh garland and upcycled ice skate

Below you can see the before!  As you can see, these bad boys were in serious need of some TLC, but since someone had already thoughtfully glittered the blades, I could see their potential.  Also pictured is a mini sled--another project I had in mind...

Upcycled ice skates

Here is the second skate of the pair, and the mini sled with a coat of chalkboard paint-- both looking very festive, if I say so myself.  One must never underestimate the power of a makeover!   

Upcycled ice skates

Thanks for stopping by--come again! 

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