Get Your Gift Card On & Splurge A Little!

Do you like to receive gift cards?  I have heard some people call them impersonal, but my family doesn't share that opinion!  They have always been a favorite with my kids and even my nephews requested them this year.  Also, when applied to the after holiday sales, gift cards can help you get more bling for your bucks as opposed to shopping during the retailers' peak season, prior to Christmas. 

Gift card splurges

On our drive home from visiting family, my youngest daughter and I stopped for a little post holiday shopping at our favorite store, where we both had gift cards to spend. YD found a wallet she liked that was just what she needed, but suffered a little buyer's remorse after her purchase as it was more than she would usually spend.  Attempting to encourage her, I reminded her that indulging a little was one of the blessings of receiving gift cards.  However, her reluctance to splurge on herself stuck with me--probably because I recognize the same tendency in myself!  We don't usually think twice about over indulging others but often neglect ourselves in the process. You know I'm am all about saving money whenever possible, but I figured some of you frugalistas out there, including YD might need to give yourselves permission to splurge a little! Redeem those gift cards for something you wouldn't normally buy.  I did just that--my gift card spoils aren't the least bit practical and I am going to thoroughly enjoy them! 
Did you give or receive any gift cards this year?  I would love to hear from you!  

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  1. This was a bit of an encourager... I do not like to give my kiddos gift cards... I like to see the look on their face when they open the "perfect" gift :) which isnt always perfect to them. BUT they always ask for gc,,,so I indulge...This was just what I needed to hear...because now I can just imagine the joy when they find and INDULGE in the perfect gift for themselves...and with smart phones I can request a win win :)

  2. Mary, the gift card I mentioned in the post was from my dear brother and we did that very thing! I sent him a pic of all my goodies and he sent me one of my nephew's choice of lego sets purchased with the card I gave him! Thanks for sharing :)


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