Operation China Cabinet

Greetings Friends! As much as I love collecting pretty dishes, I cannot stand clutter. With all of my recent Vintage finds, I came to the conclusion that it was time to de-clutter. I decided to give away a set of beautiful china that I rarely use. My friend said she would gladly receive it, which makes it easier to part with. Here is my cabinet before removing the gifted china and editing:

China cabinet organization

Autumn Inspired Little Red Wagon

Hello, Friends! Even though it is supposed to be in the nineties here the next few days, as of last weekend the calendar says it is officially Fall! With the arrival of slightly cooler mornings, I have visions of wearing sweaters with my favorite boots, snuggling up with a good book and savoring hot cocoa--hopefully in the not too distant future. So today in the garden, I was in the mood for a little Autumn inspiration. I found this Radio Flyer wagon years ago for $5 at one of my local thrift stores.  I prefer repurposed containers over more predictable displays. As the weather  changes, I fill it with seasonal plants, enjoying the contrast of the bright flowers against the     

Little red wagon autumn garden

How to Make Herb Infused Oils

Greetings Friends! Herbal oils are a great way to use of the last of your summer herbs and make great gifts for the holidays!  I have been preparing them for several years now and thought I would share my favorite recipe.  You will need a large container of the oil you prefer.  I used extra virgin olive oil, the 51.5 ounce size.   You will also need several decorative decanters for storing and of course plenty of fresh herbs which need to be washed and air dried prior to preparation. Use about 3 cups of fresh thyme or preferred herb of your choice.

herb infused oils

Friday's Find: Vintage Lazy Susan

TGITF--Two treasures today from two different thrift stores and both bargains!  I have never seen a Lazy Susan like this before but I love the bright, kitschy pattern. As you may know, I am partial to unique vintage ware and it is right at home in my kitchen!

Vintage kitchen gadgets
Today's feature:  Vintage Lazy Susan $1.25 and Microplane herb mill $2.00

Set Your Table for a Happy Fall, Y'all!

Hello, Friends! I have always loved setting a pretty table and changing it up for different seasons. With Fall approaching, I gathered my recent thrift finds, seasonal favorites and even a few DIY projects I planned to use.  (More on those later...)

Fall tablescape
Ready to primp my table!

DIY: Rustic Chargers and Glamorous Gourds!

Greetings Friends! I cannot believe we are officially half way through September!  I will be setting my table for Fall soon and plan to include a few DIY projects I have been wanting to try.  You know I love me some chalkboard paint, so when I saw rustic chalkboard charger plates at a local shop that were as pricey as they were cute, I knew I would have to try my own version!  I started collecting mismatched chargers from thrift stores, paying .25 to .75 a plate. 

Upcycled thrift store chargers
                                                 Spraying thrifted chargers with chalkboard paint

Friday's Find: Denim Button Down!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! I have always had a penchant for denim, especially this time of year when we anticipate, or here in the South, at least hope for cooler weather. A versatile denim button down has been on my list all summer.  Since I am short, and not long waisted, I needed something semi-fitted.  I even tried on a few at the mall but didn't like any enough to pay close to $30.  I just wasn't able to find the one I pictured in my mind...until today!

Button down denim shirt

Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top!

Greetings Friends! When I  found this Vintage Cosco stool at a thrift store parking lot sale for $3, I was thrilled!  It definitely needed recovering but since I have recovered more than a few seat covers, I thought I would be up for the task.  

vintage Cosco stool upcycle

Tasty Roasted Zucchini Chips

Hello Friends! I would consider myself overall a pretty healthy eater.  The overall part meaning dark chocolate, carbs and a morning iced mocha (or two) are my necessities! However, I do eat a lot of salads and vegetables and awhile back decided to try the roasted kale chips everyone was raving about.  Not a fan! While I didn't dislike the taste, they had a really strong after taste.  Roasting them made my whole house stink and no, Gwyneth Paltrow, they did not taste "just like potato chips!"  When I found this  recipe  for roasted zucchini chips, I thought these might be more my speed.  After scanning the recipe, I decided to make a  few changes.  First, five zucchini sounded like a lot to me, especially since I prefer to eat them as soon as they won't burn my tongue, as opposed to storing them, so I used two.  Besides the Rosemary and Basil suggested, I also added one of my favorites, Thyme and I used my Himalayan pink sea saltI used two tablespoons of olive oil, about a tablespoon of Rosemary, a tablespoon of Basil and Thyme combined, and a teaspoon each of salt and pepper.  I cut the zucchini thin, but not so thin it would burn easily.

roasted zucchini chips

Friday's Find: Vintage Pyrex

It's Friday and as you know my favorite day to thrift--TGITF! (Thank God it's thrifty Friday!) I went to several yard sales and a few thrift stores, but it was at an estate sale that I found today's treasure.  This Vintage Butterfly Gold Pyrex casserole is the 2.5 quart size and harder to come 

Vintage Pyrex

 by than the 1.5 quart size I usually see.  Often these pretty casseroles may have damaged or even missing lids.  As it happens, I don't have any of these larger Pyrex, so when I saw this one in mint condition and also a bargain, of course I grabbed it! 

Nest Storage

Greetings Friends! With my weekly thrifting jaunts, I have to be very careful that my bargains don't turn into clutter. It has been an ongoing challenge to organize my studio--the room where my Etsy shop and DIY supplies reside. When I recently upcycled an old dresser and gave it a place of honor showcasing my cherished family photos, I knew just the spot for the table it replaced.

Repurpose table as storage shelves

What's the Story Morning Glory?

Hello Friends! If herbs are the garden's thriftiest plants, then Morning Glory would have to be the thriftiest flower.  These showy flowers bloom profusely through the Fall and are one of my favorites.  Did you know they actually prefer poor soil?!  I read that when the soil is too fertile, only the heart shaped leaves will grow. Planting by seed is certainly the most economical way to go.  The only preparation required is for the hard seeds to be soaked in water over night before planting. Also, plant them near a trellis or fence they can climb on but not too close to other plants the vines may strangle.

morning glory