Friday's Find: Denim Button Down!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! I have always had a penchant for denim, especially this time of year when we anticipate, or here in the South, at least hope for cooler weather. A versatile denim button down has been on my list all summer.  Since I am short, and not long waisted, I needed something semi-fitted.  I even tried on a few at the mall but didn't like any enough to pay close to $30.  I just wasn't able to find the one I pictured in my mind...until today!

Button down denim shirt

I felt a rush of thrifting endorphins when I found this beauty at one of my local favorites just waiting for me to take it home.  For less than $4, it was the perfect price, size and color--plus it was light weight enough for our warmer Fall weather. Let the happy dance commence!  Now for that perfect red handbag...
I am already picturing this with my red skinny jeans and leopard print scarf.  What are your favorite accessories to pair with denim?

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