Friday's Find: Vintage Pyrex

It's Friday and as you know my favorite day to thrift--TGITF! (Thank God it's thrifty Friday!) I went to several yard sales and a few thrift stores, but it was at an estate sale that I found today's treasure.  This Vintage Butterfly Gold Pyrex casserole is the 2.5 quart size and harder to come 

Vintage Pyrex

 by than the 1.5 quart size I usually see.  Often these pretty casseroles may have damaged or even missing lids.  As it happens, I don't have any of these larger Pyrex, so when I saw this one in mint condition and also a bargain, of course I grabbed it! 

Pyrex produced this pattern in the 70s featuring gold with a white pattern or the reverse white with the gold pattern like the lid pictured.

Vintage Pyrex

Some of the bowls in this pattern are more of golden yellow shade like these below from my collection.  Not only are the older Vintage patterns prettier, they are also superior in quality. Vintage Pyrex was made from borosilicate glass while the newer versions are made from soda lime glass--which Consumer Reports has investigated for exploding! In this case, the old adage "They just don't make things like they used to!" is true.

Vintage Pyrex

 Do you share my love for Vintage Pyrex?  What is your favorite pattern?

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