Tasty Roasted Zucchini Chips

Hello Friends! I would consider myself overall a pretty healthy eater.  The overall part meaning dark chocolate, carbs and a morning iced mocha (or two) are my necessities! However, I do eat a lot of salads and vegetables and awhile back decided to try the roasted kale chips everyone was raving about.  Not a fan! While I didn't dislike the taste, they had a really strong after taste.  Roasting them made my whole house stink and no, Gwyneth Paltrow, they did not taste "just like potato chips!"  When I found this  recipe  for roasted zucchini chips, I thought these might be more my speed.  After scanning the recipe, I decided to make a  few changes.  First, five zucchini sounded like a lot to me, especially since I prefer to eat them as soon as they won't burn my tongue, as opposed to storing them, so I used two.  Besides the Rosemary and Basil suggested, I also added one of my favorites, Thyme and I used my Himalayan pink sea saltI used two tablespoons of olive oil, about a tablespoon of Rosemary, a tablespoon of Basil and Thyme combined, and a teaspoon each of salt and pepper.  I cut the zucchini thin, but not so thin it would burn easily.

roasted zucchini chips

Also, I added the seasonings to the olive oil before mixing it with the zucchini, rather than sprinkling them on last as the recipe suggested.  I usually do this when cooking with herbs as it helps them stick better.  I continued to stir until all of the zucchini was coated with the olive oil and herb mixture.  Finally,  I spread the zucchini pieces in a single layer on a baking sheet. I turned them after baking for 10 minutes at 350 degrees, then continued baking about 10 more. You may need to remove thinner slices sooner and also watch closely to prevent burning. Unlike the kale, these smelled heavenly while roasting!

roasted zucchini chips

Here is the finished result!  Two zucchini produced two yummy 30 slice servings at 161 calories a serving.  Okay, so I did eat both servings in one sitting but it was nutritious and delicious :) While not quite the super food that kale is, zucchini contains almost as much protein and fiber and is high in potassium and Vitamin A. Oh yeah, it cost .40 a serving which is much less than a bag of chips, especially the healthier versions I prefer-- even if you scarf down both servings like me!  I will definitely be making these again!

roasted zucchini chips

What are some of your favorite healthy alternatives? I would love to hear your comments!

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