Friday's Find: Fire-King Vintage Cornflower

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! It's my favorite day to thrift because it is first day pickings for yard and estate sales. Going early is really the best way to score the goodies. In my area, most yard sales begin at 8:00, estate sales at 9:00, then thrift stores open at 10:00.  Perfect pacing for the marathon thrifter and what a great way to kick off the weekend! 

Vintage Fire-King Cornflower

Mother's Day Brunch in the Garden

Greetings Friends! When I found out my Mom was coming to visit the week before Mother's Day, I knew I wanted to plan a  brunch in her honor. It would be a garden party and I would invite several friends. Of course I went to Pinterest to browse for menu ideas.   The first recipe that caught my attention was a Greek yogurt and berry parfait.  The picture featured pretty little glass parfait dishes and I knew what my next "hunt" would be.  As though I needed an excuse... 

Coffee mug mini bouquets