Befores & Afters: How to Edit a Room Part 2

Greetings Friends! Today I am sharing the befores and afters of my guest room editing project. Who knew one little headboard could inspire so many changes? I am sure many of you can relate!  Awhile back, I found this cute little birdcage 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  I was thinking it would wind up in my garden but then decided to customize it to hang in my His eye is on the sparrow vignette. A little paint and burlap, some Vintage sheet music....and Voila! 

Upcycled birdcage

Friday's Find: Vintage Transferware!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! I've confessed to you before that I am a dish-aholic. I don't keep my vintage ware stored in a cabinet, no ma'am I eat off it daily. I have treasured pieces displayed as some would showcase art. I even use thrift store china in my garden. Today's fabulous find is my latest love--transferware!

Vintage transferware

Miss Plum Puts on Her Toile Dress!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Last post, I promised that we would be addressing my purple armoire.  With my recent guest room revamp, I considered repainting her....and then I reconsidered. After all of my editing, the other dark colors were gone, allowing the plum to pop in an oh so pleasing way!  Since I still had some toile left from my $1 curtain panel, I decided to show Miss Plum some love.  Time to get toiled up, Miss P!

Miss Plum Puts on Her Toile Dress! How to mod podge fabric to furniture

What I Learned from My Headboard: How to Edit a Room Part 1

Hello Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  On Friday, I shared this fabulous find; a gorgeous headboard that actually did not require any type of upcycle.  I was so excited to move it to its appointed place. I got my camera ready but stopped after a few photos. If you need to edit a room,  just look at it through your camera's screen.  I absolutely loved my thrifted headboard but suddenly it was the shining star and the rest of the room was barely twinkling! Have you ever had this experience? Here's what my headboard taught me...

How to edit a room

Friday's Find: Upholstered Headboard--No Upcycle Required!

TGITF Friends--check out today's fabulous find! I saw this great upholstered headboard at my weekly .25 sale. wasn't .25, but I did get it for $12! The original price was $24 and I had to stand in line a second time for the half price sale, but well worth it don't you think? No upcycle required today...

Thrift store upholstered headboard

Add Color to Your Garden in Any Season!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Fall decor and projects seem to be popping up everywhere! However since my climate promises at least another month of hot weather, I wanted to share some ideas that will not only brighten parched summer gardens but can add color to your outdoor space regardless of the season!      

Add color with spray paint to outdoor furniture

Easy Caprese: Appetizer, Pizza & Classic

Greetings Friends! Caprese is one of my very favorite salads. There is nothing like the combination of mozzarella with garden fresh tomatoes and basil.  Today I'm sharing three variations to tickle your taste buds!

3 easy caprese recipes

Friday's Find: Jadeite Bowls & Name This Pitcher!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! When people ask me about thrifting, I always encourage them to go often--at least once a week if possible.  As often as I go, there are just some weeks when pickings are slim. I am happy to report this was not one of those weeks! I discovered such thrifty goodness, it was hard to decide which to post first.  When in doubt, I say choose Jadeite! I absolutely adore the stuff but in the few years since I started collecting, it seems to be harder to find and therefore more expensive.  I was in my favorite local shop, just about ready to call it a day when be-still-my-heart, I spied these lovelies on a bottom shelf! Woo-hoo! 

Vintage jadeite bowls

DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

Happy Wednesday Friends! Did you know that August 22 is National Tooth Fairy Day?  I didn't even know there was such a thing! Even so, I am sharing an easy DIY project you can make for the little ones in your life. I can't believe over 25 years have passed since the first time I made one of these. I was younger than my girls are now--hard to believe!  I was so touched to learn my niece Jennifer still has the one I made her all those years ago and passed it down to her baby girl. Her mom, Melissa contacted me to make pillows for her other grandkids and great-nephew. Pictured below is Oliver's tooth pillow. Ready to make one...or several? 

Tooth fairy pillow tutorial

Rescued Chairs Reveal!

Greetings Friends! On Friday, I shared my latest thrift store treasures and promised a makeover to come.  Here we go...

Chalk painted thrift store chairs

Friday's Find: Vintage Dining Chairs

TGITF Friends! I am so excited about today's feature--these Vintage chairs I rescued from my favorite thrift store for $8 each!  When I updated my dining room several months ago, I sold the two bulky parson chairs  that were at each end of my table.  Since then, I have been holding out for just the right chairs.   More than once, I was tempted and almost bought something I liked but didn't love.  As is often the case, I am so glad I waited because these I truly, madly love! 

Vintage dining chairs 

A True Flower Bed!

Happy Wednesday Friends! About this time last year, I posted a yard sale headboard that I repurposed as a garden trellis. It has been one of my most pinned posts.  At the time, I had never seen a headboard used in the garden.  Now it has become more popular, but no less charming.  Today I am sharing a heavier metal headboard Youngest Daughter found at a thrift store for $2 and then passed on to me.  It just needed a little love to become a true flower bed! 

Repurposed headboard garden trellis

My Journey through Bloglandia!

Greetings Friends! Today I have joined a tour of Blogland and you get to come along--yay! When Revi from Revisionary Life invited me to participate, I thought it sounded like a fun way to check out new blogs and also make some more blogger besties.  I met Revi through our mutual blogging buddy Audrey just a little over a month ago.  We are both Texas girls and found we have much in common, especially when it comes to repurposing our thrifted treasures. Revi also has a charming Etsy shop.  I just love her style and appreciate that she ends each post with a verse for the day. Below is a sample of her fabulous handiwork.   Drop by and tell her Cecilia sent you!

Revisionary Life blog