Friday's Find: Jadeite Bowls & Name This Pitcher!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! When people ask me about thrifting, I always encourage them to go often--at least once a week if possible.  As often as I go, there are just some weeks when pickings are slim. I am happy to report this was not one of those weeks! I discovered such thrifty goodness, it was hard to decide which to post first.  When in doubt, I say choose Jadeite! I absolutely adore the stuff but in the few years since I started collecting, it seems to be harder to find and therefore more expensive.  I was in my favorite local shop, just about ready to call it a day when be-still-my-heart, I spied these lovelies on a bottom shelf! Woo-hoo! 

Vintage jadeite bowls
Even better, I scored the two of these bowls for what I have previously paid for one! I have three others, but none this particular style.  I am still researching but think my recent finds may be older than my previous ones. If you share my affection for these luscious green dishes, scroll down toward the bottom on the right under Readers Favorites for more eye candy.
Now I'd like to play a game--who can Name This Pitcher? You may remember, I bought her yellow twin while visiting my daughters in Denver.  Then recently I discovered the green one locally. Though they are about the size of a creamer, neither were part of a set.  They look identical except for the color.  Both look similar to Fire-King and some Federal Glass I've seen.

Hazel Atlas Platonite creamer

As you can see here, no marking on the bottom. I can usually find similar items online but haven't had any luck with this one.  My curiosity is peaked. Anyone know?  

Hazel Atlas platonite creamer

Update: My thanks to Nova, who wasted no time hunting down my Platonite cream pitcher! For inquiring minds, these were manufactured by Hazel Atlas in the 40s and just like my beloved Jadeite, were included as cereal premiums! Evidently, they came in yellow, green, blue and red. 

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  1. LOVE those jadeite bowls. You should come share over at my Thrifty Things Friday party! :)

    1. Thanks for coming over and sharing at TTF! :)

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  3. Platonite cream pitcher, Hazel Atlas, jadite green

  4. I have that pitcher in blue! Thanks to Nova for the info!!

  5. Lovely! I'm going thrifting today! Hope there's some goodies out there!

  6. Your pitcher is adorable. I love knowledgeable is a definite perk! Your mix of greens and aquas is lovely, C.

  7. Hi Cecilia ... Glad you found the information on the pitcher. Bet the yellow one looks great with this one. Love your jadeite collection and how you have it displayed. I have a small collection; not displayed. Glad you found those little bowls before I did or I would have snatched them.
    Have a great week-end my friend.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. Hi there,
    What a fun blog I just happened on tonight. I like the green pitcher and I wasn't at all familiar with those. I would like to add though that Jadite (whichever way one spells it) was quite common as restaurant serving pieces where it was purchased by the gross. My grandmother used it in her diner. Long after she gave the business up, her pantry shelves were filled with Jadite left over from her business. Premiums like this were also given away at movie theaters and in soap boxes.

  9. Called it as Hazel Atlas as soon as I saw it!

  10. I know the feeling when you find a treasure you love


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