Friday's Find: Vintage Tablecloths!

Today's feature is this cheery Vintage table cloth from my favorite thrift store.  I adore these pretty little cloths and change them out often on my kitchen table. Whether they are crisp cotton and near perfect like this one, or show a little more wear, I love their bright colors and charm.  I usually unfold them or remove them from the hanger for closer inspection to make sure there aren't any holes or stains that are deal breakers.  If you see a bargain, grab it--these lovelies can run over $100 at antique shops!

vintage tablecloth

Beach in a Jar

Post vacation day one and I am already fighting the missing-the-beach blues!  Anticipating that might be the case, I planned to save some souvenirs of our sweet trip by carefully packing some sand from our last stop at Rosemary Beach.  What I did not anticipate was being detained with a comprehensive bag search and frisking at airport security for transporting it--oh well....the sacrifices one makes!  

Beach in a jar memento

Friday's Find: Shopping My Way Across Hwy 98

Hi Friends! When we were driving from the Florida airport earlier this week, my thrift store radar immediately started sounding off--I noticed several just on our way in, all on Highway 98! I'll confess as peaceful as my afternoons relaxing on the beach have been, my mind has wandered and my curiuosity peaked wondering what kind of bargains might be lurking here in another state.... I know, I know, and now you know just how accurate my blog name is!
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share my vacation thrift stops in photos. Keep in mind, these are all on Highway 98 between Watercolor/Santa Rosa and Destin. If you want to get your thrift on in another state or city, The Thrift Shopper will locate nearby stores when you plug in your current zip--genius!

Hwy 98 thrift stores in Florida

This store was on Lynn street right off the highway. It had a little bit of everything including a large warehouse with furniture at bottom dollar prices and posted daily specials--great place to find bargain pieces to re-create.

Back Porch Reflections

Hello, Friends! As the first full day of my vacation, today's post is a departure from my usual message of thriftiness. Extravagant generosity is on my mind and I am the recipient! Looking forward to the week ahead and reflecting on the previous evening, my heart is full of gratitude as I sit on the back porch with my brother Trey who so graciously invited me to share his family's vacation.  We are staying in a charming beach cottage surrounded by woods and minutes from the beach and picturesque town of Seaside. After settling in yesterday afternoon, we explored the local haunts deciding on The Great Southern Cafe for dinner. My meal consisted of fried green tomatoes and gouda cheese grits with blackened shrimp, which I shared with my sis in-law Sarah.  They say great minds think alike and we chose the exact same menu items right down to our mojito cocktail--those we did not share :)

Family beach vacation Seaside

Drying Summer Herbs at Secret Garden Herbs

Greetings Friends! Here in the dry Texas Hill Country with its poor rocky soil and abundance of deer who devour plants that are supposedly deer resistant, herbs have become the foundation of my garden. I can't get enough of these hardy, drought tolerant, mostly deer resistant wonders!  With their wealth of culinary, nutritional and healing benefits I consider them the gardener's best value.

Secret Garden Herbs

August Show and Tell

Greetings Friends! It's Show and Tell--my chance to brag on your divine finds!

Stacy bought this 5 piece custom made sectional set from an estate sale.  It looks brand new and is still wrapped in plastic awaiting the completion of their new home.  Like any diligent thrifter she decided to research the brand name and found out she saved thousands, yes, I said THOUSANDS of dollars! Cha-ching! This is how to shop for furniture people!

estate sale find

Happy Thoughts Family Gallery Wall

Greetings Friends! This is my "happy thoughts" wall, one of the first things I see when I wake up in the morning. Actually, you can tell a lot about what is important to me just by looking at it. While I  treasure photos  throughout my home, these are special tokens of my children and family...

Family memories gallery wall

Friday's Find: Vintage Jewelry!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Today's treasure is shiny and sparkly and makes me smile...Vintage jewelry! This elegant rhinestone necklace was tucked inside the display case of a little church affiliated thrift store I discovered over twenty years ago when I was new to the community. It is currently one of my weekly stops with its user friendly jewelry counter equipped with a mirror and helpful volunteer who pulls out requested pieces and waits patiently as they are tried and decisions are made.  Like many Vintage pieces, this necklace offers timeless style and not one stone is missing. It lays beautifully and is absolutely gorgeous on.  For the grand sum of $2.35, that's a lot of bling for my buck-- not to mention, the volunteers gingerly wrapped each piece in tissue as though they were handling diamonds! 

vintage necklace

Dorm Room Style: Poco Dinero

Greetings, Friends! It's that time of year when all of the commercials are pushing school supplies and new clothes-- aren't Target's the best?!  I remember those yearly tax-free weekend shopping trips and returning to the school year routine.  I also have fond memories of helping Youngest Daughter decorate her college dorm room when she was into turquoise, fuchsia and Orlando Bloom!  As soon as she received her scholarship letter, I started the hunt for the things she would need. Since dorm rooms are tiny and basically a blank canvas, the goal was saving space and adding color while of course being thrifty! 

Dorm room for less

Put a Bird on It!

Hello Friends! Am I the only one who occasionally holds onto random items thinking, "I might use that for something..."?  I will confess that eventually some end up being donated or recycled elsewhere--especially if I happen to catch an episode of Hoarders! However, there are those rare times, when one of those keepers really does serve a purpose and therefore is no longer random. Ages ago, I picked up this Vintage hat stand at a yard sale. I was inexplicably drawn to the ornate free standing metal piece, though I absolutely did not have a use in mind. Enter random item number two; a round brass piece that was stuck in a box of frames a friend gave me. I think it was originally from a chandelier.  Though I started to throw it out more than once, it just looked like the finishing touch to something--again I didn't have a clue as to what...

Repurposed garden art

Friday's Find: Fire-King Primrose!

After making a long list of sales to attend, I started my morning in anticipation.  I attended an estate sale, six yard sales and a thrift store without any luck.  I was starting to think I might go home empty handed but still had a few more stores to try.  At my last stop I struck gold--or should I say primroses!  Fire-King Primrose was manufactured only from 1960-1962.  It is a pretty little floral pattern set against white milky glass.  About a year ago,  I bought two teacups with saucers and some baking dishes for a great price at an estate sale.  However, I never purchased any plates because the only time I have seen them, the price was too high.  Today I found two for 50% off-- perseverance is a virtue when thrifting!

Vintage Fire-King Primrose