Dorm Room Style: Poco Dinero

Greetings, Friends! It's that time of year when all of the commercials are pushing school supplies and new clothes-- aren't Target's the best?!  I remember those yearly tax-free weekend shopping trips and returning to the school year routine.  I also have fond memories of helping Youngest Daughter decorate her college dorm room when she was into turquoise, fuchsia and Orlando Bloom!  As soon as she received her scholarship letter, I started the hunt for the things she would need. Since dorm rooms are tiny and basically a blank canvas, the goal was saving space and adding color while of course being thrifty! 

Dorm room for less

We started with a boho chic comforter from Ebay--bright hues, a variety of textures and a great bargain. I covered the large bulletin board wall behind the bed with fabric from a dollar store table cloth.  Sheets and table cloths are an inexpensive source of fabric providing lots of yardage for little cash.  After covering this massive board, I still had enough left for the side bulletin board over the built in desk and a toss pillow for the bed.

Dorm room for less

YD, a Spanish major loved the familia and esperanza I scored from a yard sale, painted apple green and tucked among her personal photos.  The "disco" pillow, frames, desk lamp and cork board squares for additional photos were also from yard sales while the orange and green fabric storage bins were another dollar store find.

dorm room for less

After several "one last hugs"  I left my college girl at her laptop, finding comfort in the fact that I had helped her settle into her first home away from home. Then I cried in the parking lot! Today, I am proud to say my girl graduated Cum Laude Honors with a double major in three yearsHave you decorated a dorm room or transformed a tiny space?  I would love to hear from you!  

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  1. I do have fond memories of decorating dorms...two as a matter of fact! My oldest didn't want much fuss made of her room, she just wanted us gone; but my youngest loved turquoise, fringe and zebra print. The exact layout of your daughter's room :)


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