Beach in a Jar

Post vacation day one and I am already fighting the missing-the-beach blues!  Anticipating that might be the case, I planned to save some souvenirs of our sweet trip by carefully packing some sand from our last stop at Rosemary Beach.  What I did not anticipate was being detained with a comprehensive bag search and frisking at airport security for transporting it--oh well....the sacrifices one makes!  

Beach in a jar memento

Besides the smuggled sand, I started with an assortment of glass containers and added only a few shells and sand dollars, preferring the simplicity. These pretty white starfish were in most of the shops in Seaside.

Beach in a jar

I love playing with my handy dandy scrabble tiles for instant whimsy.

Beach in a jar

Finally, I added my favorite vacation photos to personalize my display.  

Beach in a jar
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I would love to hear your ideas for preserving cherished memories!

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  1. Love that!!! Such a great idea.

  2. Okay...I actually chuckled out loud at the thought of you being detained at airport security :) I love the idea about the photo in the glass jar as well. Simple, but very classy. Will have to come up with an idea for my next trip to Alaska, not sure confiscating snow would work though.

  3. Such a cute idea and your post had me laughing too! I see I am not the only person who borrows stuff from the beach! I once made hubby carry a 7 foot long piece of drift wood back to his truck for Had to have it!

  4. Love it. Simple and beautiful.


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