Shopping Black Friday...Without Leaving Your House!

In a few days, the day known as the biggest shopping day of the year will descend upon us in a frenzy. When my kids were younger, I would set my alarm clock and make this annual pilgrimage to stretch my shopping money and get the best presents on their Christmas lists. Now, we are all a little older and maybe a little wiser and I found a better way! Wouldn't it be nice to get some of those same bargains, while sitting in your warm pajamas, coffee cup in hand, from the comfort of your home? Did you know that many stores not only honor their Black Friday prices online but some actually begin on Thanksgiving day?! Last year, I bought fresh wreaths, garland,and poinsettias as well as sweaters, pajamas and other gifts--all at bottom dollar prices, without leaving my house! This is definitely the way to go if you are shopping for high dollar electronics or gadgets.  The best way to "shop" for your preferred items is to sign up for email notifications at one of the sites like or .  These sites basically do the work for you--sharing store ads and prices as they are announced and also which stores will honor their prices online and when!

Black Friday deals at home

Searching for Superheroes!

Greetings Friends! It is no secret that my heart has been captured by my one and only Ginger Grand.  He is a big fan of superheroes right now and I have been planning his Christmas gift for some time--a superhero quilt.  GG is very sensory and often describes things as "comfy" or "cozy", so I wanted to use extra cuddly backing, and what is softer than a nice, worn t-shirt?!  I have been hunting and collecting a variety of superhero embellished fabrics, Vintage t-shirts and even a few pajamas. Now, let me begin by saying I am not a quilter--I am a doting Tahtee who hopes to delight her grandson.  I can imagine him squealing the names of each character and pointing his chubby little fingers to name them. Here is my finished project:

Superhero t-shirt quilt

Friday's Find: Vintage Ornaments

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! We are less than a week from Thanksgiving and I have Christmas decorations on my mind.  Today's find couldn't be more perfect--vintage ornaments! Every lovely sphere is a sweet reminder of Christmases past. These divine decorations can be high dollar at antique shops, so grab them if you see them thrifting! In addition to decorating your tree, they are also beautiful in apothecary jars or hanging in windows. 

vintage Christmas ornaments

Vintage Luggage Repurposed

Greetings Friends! Can you tell I am quite smitten with Vintage luggage?!  I have discovered some amazing deals on these gems from yesteryears, including a pair of these 1940s Samsonites repurposed as end tables.  The legs were already attached when I scored these for 50% off. I only applied my favorite driftwood painting technique.  The beauty of Vintage-- whimsical, unique and lovely to behold!

vintage luggage storage

Crock Pot Herbed Baked Potato Soup

Hello Friends! I love making soup in my crock pot especially this time of year.  Baked potato soup is one of my favorites especially when fresh herbs are added! 

Herbed baked potato soup

Friday's Find: Pewter Chargers

Greetings fellow thrifters!  Today's find is this set of Vintage pewter charger plates.  I had long admired these at a local thrift store, but it wasn't until they were marked 75% off that the price was right!  I am hoping to feature them in my next holiday tablescape but they will be versatile for any season; rustic or elegant.

Pewter chargers

Autumn Garden

Greetings Friends! Like Emily Bronte, I am awed by the vibrant hues of the season. From one day to the next, more leaves have turned and danced their way to the ground.  Before long, all the trees will be bare and more plants will become dormant for the upcoming winter months.  Even though our Texas weather is mild, I am not a fan of the bareness!

autumn garden

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me fluttering from the Autumn trees..."    Emily Bronte

Friday's Find: A Pair of Vintage Pyrex Charm Bowls

Thank God it's thrifty Friday! Today's feature reminds me of my grandmother, Mo-maw.  When I was a little girl and she had a surprise for me, my curiosity would get the best of me and I would quiz her for clues.  She would respond by asking if I really wanted to know what it was, and of course I would wholeheartedly assure her that I really did want to know.  Her answer was always the same, "It's a little red nothing!"

Vintage Pyrex Charm bowls

A Gift Well Chosen

Hello, Friends! Believe it or not, on rare occasions, I am inspired to post about something other than thrifting. Drum roll...this will be one of those posts!  It is a blustery November day here and it finally feels like Fall--I love this time of year.  The holidays will soon be upon us and I want to thank God for the many blessings in my life. In spite of the chaos that is becoming more and more constant in our world, there are so many reasons to practice gratitude.  I recently celebrated a birthday and while it seems cliche to state that is hard to believe another year has come and gone, it is so true. I cherished hearing from each of my kids including the Ginger Grand. This year I was fortunate to be treated two weekends in a row--first, by my dear friend Stacy and the following, by my Mom.  I always welcome their visits and they each went out of their way to make me feel like Queen for a day :)  I received several gifts from friends and family--thoughtful gestures that are greatly appreciated.  Unexpectedly yesterday, I received another gift from my friend Julie and I think I will smile every time I put it on--does she know me or what?

Garage Sale Girl necklace
Front: "Garage Sale Girl"

Handmade Gifts: Packaging Dried Herbs

Greetings Friends! This tin of organic oregano is packaged for my Etsy shop I am in the process of preparing others for personal use and the rest for holiday gift giving. 

etsy Secret Garden Herbs
Secret Garden organic dried herbs packaged in magnetic tins.

Friday's Find: Talking Turkey!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Last weekend my Mom was here visiting. As we were browsing some local antique shops, I pointed out a Vintage turkey platter I admired, similar to one my friend has displayed. Vintage dishes are my weakness and as I am partial to transfer ware, I couldn't help but think how it would compliment my Fall tablescape. However, I also couldn't help but notice it was priced at $55.  Imagine my delight when I came across one just like it this week for $2.50--gobble gobble! 

vintage turkey platter