Friday's Find: A Pair of Vintage Pyrex Charm Bowls

Thank God it's thrifty Friday! Today's feature reminds me of my grandmother, Mo-maw.  When I was a little girl and she had a surprise for me, my curiosity would get the best of me and I would quiz her for clues.  She would respond by asking if I really wanted to know what it was, and of course I would wholeheartedly assure her that I really did want to know.  Her answer was always the same, "It's a little red nothing!"

Vintage Pyrex Charm bowls

The memory makes me smile and I am happy to say that today's feature is two little red somethings-- these divine red Pyrex bowls. One of the most enjoyable aspects of thrifting is discovering pieces I have previously only seen in pictures, like this pair of square top bowls produced in the sixties.  Someone must have really treasured these to maintain their near perfect condition after fifty years and I am only too happy to continue the tradition! 
Until next time, happy hunting! 

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