Refresh Your Home No Sew Burlap and Lace Curtains!

Happy Wednesday Friends! When I recently updated my guest room with a lighter paint color, it was definitely time to replace the curtains.  Now I finally had the right place to hang some burlap! I used a coupon from Hobby Lobby to get 40% off the fabric combined with a recent thrift find to make two full length panels for under $20--NO sewing required! 

No Sew Burlap and Lace Curtains

10 Trash to Treasure Garden Finds!

Greetings Friends! My addiction to thrift store shopping constantly challenges me to find creative ways to use my finds.  If I find myself drawn to an item that also happens to be a really good price, I often buy it even if I am not quite sure how I might use it at the time. This works for me, especially when repurposing for the garden.  I am partial to using pieces in unexpected ways giving my garden a sense of whimsy. Today I am sharing 10 ideas--some recent additions to my garden and others from previous posts.  Enjoy! 

Trash to treasure garden finds

Friday's Find: Vintage Suitcase

Hi Friends--so glad you stopped by for another thrifty Friday! Today's find is this fabulous Vintage suitcase.  It cost a whopping $5 at a neighborhood yard sale! Check out how I repurpose these babies for decorative storage.  

vintage suitcase

5 Healthy Herbs You Should Plant Today!

Happy Wednesday Friends! When I first started gardening, I stumbled across herbs in an attempt to combat poor rocky soil and deer who ate everything I planted. Since then, they have become the foundation of my garden and Etsy shop. Herbs thrive in poor soil, survive our long hot summers, and are ignored by the deer! They are a lush, fragrant addition to any garden but did you know they offer many health benefits?

Why to plant herbs

Let's start with Mint--by far one of the easiest herbs to grow.  Unfortunately, it has gotten a bad rap for overtaking gardens and it is true that once established it does tend to go wild.  If this is a concern, it can always be planted in a container.  However, I happily welcome any plant that stays green from Spring through Fall, is drought tolerant and smells so heavenly! I love to garnish drinks and desserts with refreshing Mint.  Nutritionally, it is rich in vitamins A and C and contains smaller amounts of B2. It is an antioxidant and may decrease the risk of certain cancers. Mint makes a tummy soothing herbal tea and is also delicious in salads, dressings and even veggies.

Easter Blessings From Me To You!

Happy Easter Friends!  I know many of you are probably busy assembling Easter baskets and making preparations for tomorrow's meal for your loved ones. On the eve of this blessed occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you. Sharing my heart, thoughts, fabulous finds and ideas with my readers is a joy and a learning experience. Thanks so much for sharing the journey with me :)

Easter vignette

Friday's Find: Garden Lanterns

Happy Good Friday Friends! Today's feature is this set of fabulous glass lanterns that would be charming on any Spring tablescape whether indoors or outside.  I love to entertain in the garden and these lovelies can be used for candles or flowers. They were originally from World Market and I got both at a yard sale for $2!  

Yard sale garden lanterns

Have a beautiful holiday weekend and do stop by again soon! 

My Thrift Store Addiction

Adirondack Chair Rescue

Happy Wednesday Friends! Recently I shared how I restored my fence and as I admired the results, I realized my adirondack chair was in desperate need of attention.  So I decided to give it a little love and a bright blue coat of paint! 

Adirondack chair makeover

Easter Resurrection Tree

Hi Friends! Can you believe Easter is only one week away? In my garden, I am often reminded of Mary's early morning discovery so long ago and was inspired to create a Resurrection Tree. This is a fun, celebratory project you can make with your kids. I immediately thought of Ginger Grand who always wants me to "take" him into the garden when we are talking on Face Time. Even though he wasn't here to decorate the tree with me, I chose symbols of new life with him in mind: eggs, doves and butterflies. I couldn't wait to see his reaction and was delighted to hear him exclaim, "You did it!" Just as I imagined, the butterflies were his favorite! 

Easter resurrection tree
"He is not here; He is risen!" Luke 24:6 

Friday's Find: Craft Supplies

TGITF Friends! Now that it's Spring, local yard sales have started popping up. Last weekend I hit a neighborhood sale--several blocks with multiple sales on each.  Fun, fun, fun! I make it a habit to keep an eye out for bargain craft supplies. Fabric, ribbon and some of my best paint finds have been from thrifting.  

Yard sale craft supplies

Refresh Your Home: Update Your Guest Room For Less!

Happy Wednesday Friends! Updating my guest room is the latest conquest on my ongoing mission to refresh my fifteen year old home.  The first thing that had to go was the wall color. When I chose this pumpkin shade ten years ago, I really loved it but I am so over it now! The new color is called Nutmeg, but it reminds me more of a sandy beach. A warm neutral shade is what I was going for and I think it really complements the room. Transformation for the cost of a can of paint!  What do you think?

Guest room update

Friday's Find: Easter

Hello Friends! It's thrifty Friday and I am so glad you dropped by. Today I have some great Easter inspired finds.  Best of all, these treasures were each under $1! 

Thrift store Easter finds

DIY Fence Restoration: What NOT To Do!

Hello Friends! Today I am starting with a disclaimer--don't let the pretty before and after photo fool you...

DIY Fence restoration