Friday's Find: Vintage Suitcase

Hi Friends--so glad you stopped by for another thrifty Friday! Today's find is this fabulous Vintage suitcase.  It cost a whopping $5 at a neighborhood yard sale! Check out how I repurpose these babies for decorative storage.  

vintage suitcase
I always check the inside of the cases because I do not want to bring home any unwanted guests! You can see this one is in excellent condition.  I usually mist them with my lemongrass cleaning spray and allow them to dry in the sunlight.  

Vintage suitcase as storage

How much Vintage luggage does one really need? Well... I use them to store Etsy surplus and holiday decor--much easier on the eyes than plastic storage tubs!  Here you can see how I stack and display them with other thrifted finds.  Decorative storage right at your fingertips--no need for digging through closets or drawers! 

Vintage suitcase storage

As always, I would love to hear about your fabulous finds! 
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  1. I have no finds this week...tear! But I am inspired by this because I am trying to finish up a bedroom that needs this cuteness!!!

  2. Thanks Stacy--hope you find some goodies soon!


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