Friday's Find: Craft Supplies

TGITF Friends! Now that it's Spring, local yard sales have started popping up. Last weekend I hit a neighborhood sale--several blocks with multiple sales on each.  Fun, fun, fun! I make it a habit to keep an eye out for bargain craft supplies. Fabric, ribbon and some of my best paint finds have been from thrifting.  

Yard sale craft supplies

Often they are untouched supplies from good intentions that never graduated to completed projects. This girl goes through a lot of craft paint so I was excited to score these.  The larger bottles are almost completely full and the smaller ones have not even been opened.  I paid only $1 for the group--less than the price of just one small bottle.  Just another way to save some green and you never know what you may find.  Do you enjoy going to yard sales? Share your latest fabulous find! 
Until next time, happy hunting! 

My Thrift Store Addiction

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