Welcome Home Saturday Guest Feature

Happy Saturday, Friends! Today I'm honored to be a guest at the home digest series, Welcome Home Saturday! If you're new here, welcome, and for my sweet regulars--keep reading for the chance to check out some new blogs or perhaps to visit some favorite friends...

Vintage Charm Party #279 and March Feature of the Month

Welcome to Vintage Charm Party #279 and the March Feature of the Month!

My Thrift Store Addiction Vintage Charm party

We invite you to share your vintage experiences--whether it’s your latest finds, crafts, or DIYs, we’d love to hear about it. Link up your furniture flips, roadside finds, repurposed projects, collections, home decor and more!

15 Minute Stencil with a Pencil Upcycle

Hi there, Friends! It's been awhile since I've posted a 15 minute fix so today I'm sharing a quick stencil project you can whip up in a jiffy...

stencil with a pencil upcycle

Celebrating Easter with Good Friday Garden Crosses

Good Friday Greetings, Friends! Do you ever find yourself walking through a room or around the garden and suddenly your eyes land on something that conjures a sweet memory or special significance? That's just what I experienced this Easter week, and I wanted to share these brief moments of joy with you today by celebrating the cross in my garden...

garden crosses for Easter