Simple DIY Whitewash Technique

Happy Monday, Friends! I am happy to say that I am fully vaccinated! Like many of you, I had a pretty miserable 24 hours after, but thankfully I felt well enough by the end of the weekend to hit a few yard sales and do some gardening. Today, I'm going to show you the simple whitewash technique I use to upcycle many of my thrifted finds, including this sweet bunny and the pot of roses behind it...

DIY whitewash technique

I have had several inquiries regarding the source of about my whimsical bunny. (I featured him in my Easter tablescape, but like my most of my other bunnies, he'll be out through the summer.) He was actually a yard sale find during my pre-blogging days and was originally a gray shade resembling concrete. He has been whitewashed using the same technique, but today I'll be demonstrating it on the pretty rose floral arrangement I scored last month. Honestly, it was in fine shape as it was but since I already had green pots on my mantel, I wanted to lightly whitewash it. 

DIY whitewash technique
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Although most white craft or chalk paints will work, my favorite is Deco Art Vintage Effect Wash. The bunny and the pot of roses provide examples of whitewashing according to your preference--heavy versus light. (For a heavier whitewash, wait longer before dabbing. It may also be necessary to repeat the technique more than once.) Here's my technique step-by-step: 

1. Mix two parts paint to one part water.
2. Protect work surface and generously brush on desired surface. 
3. Sparingly dab off excess with sponge wedge or cloth before it dries.
4. Repeat as needed. (For instance, I painted and dabbed one side of the pot before proceeding to the next side.)

DIY whitewash technique
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My Thrift Store Addiction

DIY whitewash techique
My Thrift Store Addiction

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  1. I will have to try this. I got both COVID shots. Was fine after 1st one. After 2nd was sleepy 4 hrs later so slept and then ok.

  2. That bunny is adorable! I love the position. I love some bunnies around all summer.

    We have a family living under our shed.

  3. A great technique. And great that you got both shots. The second one really knocked me down, I was in bed for two days, but worth it to be out and about again.

  4. Cecelia,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!I love this transformation and thanks so much for sharing it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  5. What a simple technique with such pretty results. I love dry brushing and whitewashing to camouflauge little dings, scratches, and flaws in my thrifted treasures. An no one ever knows!


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