Welcome to my book page! 

Peace is a collection of intentionally "short and sweet" reflections to start or redirect your day. They begin with scripture, close with prayer, and include journal prompts. Here's a brief excerpt from the synopsis: 

  • Do you struggle to find peace during stressful situations?
  • Are you weary of religious platitudes?
  • Would you like to know what the Bible says about peace?
  • What does practicing peace look like during these unsettling times? 

Do you know someone who needs to know the fairy tale isn't over? While you may not be directly affected by divorce, you probably know someone who has been. It can be such a devastating time and my desire is to offer hope, encouragement and practical resources to create the best version of happily ever after for families struggling after divorce.

When the Glass Slipper Shatters: Recreate Your Fairy Tale After Divorce chronicles my journey from abandonment, betrayal and abuse to peace and contentment. Chapters include everything from learning to walk in forgiveness to how I homeschooled and built a new home as a single parent on a limited income. Also featured are tips on thrifty living, helping your kids receive college scholarships and interviews with single moms from various walks of life.



 A wonderful and encouraging book about moving on from divorce. However, it also speaks to those who have been hurt or abused and need to get rid of the poison of unforgiveness and bitterness. In it, Cecilia gives not only practical advice but Scripture references as well. Easy to read and full of wisdom. I highly recommend it!    C. Bramhall 

Cecilia is both inspiring and encouraging throughout her book chronicling her journey from despair to forgiveness. A must read for anyone going through a divorce especially if a parent.   Sharon B. 

Drawn both from Lynne's personal experience and testimony from others, this book is a remarkably candid, practical and comprehensive "handbook" for those struggling with spousal abandonment, infidelity and mental and physical abuse. Great Read!   Trey S.

Beautiful book. I would suggest this book for anyone. Inspiring. A must read.   C. Scogin 

This is a must read for any one going through a divorce. It is so easy to fall into a victim mentality when a spouse leaves and/or is not faithful to the children. Cecilia’s story brings encouragement that God is faithful in ALL things. He is the Father to the fatherless, a Spouse to the spouseless, and He walks through all things with us showing His faithfulness. Truly inspirational!   Julie Q. 

In this book, "When the Glass Slipper Shatters Recreate Your Fairy Tale After Divorce," Cecilia candidly shares with us her journey through marital loss and subsequent redemption through personal faith and wisdom. It's an inspiring story for anyone going through divorce and/or who finds themselves having to raise children without the help of a co-parent. She shares practical lessons learned, as well as her experience with unsettling matters of the heart and how she not only survived them, but thrived in spite of them. It's a faith-filled resource that I would recommend to anyone who is looking to make their way through a painful divorce and/or spousal abuse.   Kathleen

I loved Cecilia's book! It showed strength and character going through a difficult divorce and coming through it in victory! Very encouraging and I highly recommend it.   D. Ray

An inspirational book written by a single mom who chose not to be bitter, but forgiving instead, after being subjected to infidelity, abandonment, and abuse. It is full of suggestions on parenting, and how to survive and thrive as a single mom with limited resources. The author gives scriptural references on how to overcome various challenges, as well as a list of resources for everything from child support to grief counseling to domestic violence to housing loans. Her journey will resonate with those dealing with divorce as well as other issues.   A. Powers

High five to Cecilia for sharing her journey as a single parent! Since learning about Cecilia's experiences, I have recommended her book to friends. It is especially an encouragement for single parents who want to reach beyond limitations as they respond to the challenges of living a fulfilling family life.   Joan W. 

What an inspiring book! After multiple divorces myself, I found this book to be honest about the feelings that follow such a life changing event. Her scripture references are right on and helped me deal with some remaining anger. I highly recommend this book for anyone going through a divorce.   L. Mac