Handmade Gifts: Packaging Dried Herbs

Greetings Friends! This tin of organic oregano is packaged for my Etsy shop I am in the process of preparing others for personal use and the rest for holiday gift giving. 

etsy Secret Garden Herbs
Secret Garden organic dried herbs packaged in magnetic tins.
These baskets of dried herbs have been sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be stored and I am ready to tackle the job!

How to package dried herbs
Dried Basil waiting to be prepared for packaging.

I start by removing the dried herbs from their stems and gently rubbing them between my hands over a large bowl. I try to avoid getting stem pieces in the bowl, but will also re-check for any before packaging.

Packaging dried herbs
Removing dried Oregano leaves from the stems

The type of packaging you choose will depend on your intended use. For culinary purposes,  I prefer apothecary jars for storage. For gift giving, you might choose decorative bags or boxes, herb mills or magnetic tins.  Remember to check carefully for any stem pieces before storing your herbs in their containers. Also, if you are giving them as gifts allow a few days for the herbs to settle and then top them off.  Store them as you would other herbs or spices in a cool, dry place like a pantry or kitchen drawer.

Packaging dried herbs
Packaged herbs ready for gift giving!

Over the years, I have included herbs and oils in various gift baskets--anything from a Vintage Pyrex bowl to a Chinese take out style gift box can be filled with your handmade goodies! You might also like to add a loaf of artisan bread or herbal recipes depending on the recipient's taste. Don't forget to set aside some for your holiday recipes--there is nothing like a turkey prepared with herbs!
Do you enjoy giving and receiving handmade gifts?  I would love to hear your favorites!

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