Friday's Find: Shopping My Way Across Hwy 98

Hi Friends! When we were driving from the Florida airport earlier this week, my thrift store radar immediately started sounding off--I noticed several just on our way in, all on Highway 98! I'll confess as peaceful as my afternoons relaxing on the beach have been, my mind has wandered and my curiuosity peaked wondering what kind of bargains might be lurking here in another state.... I know, I know, and now you know just how accurate my blog name is!
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share my vacation thrift stops in photos. Keep in mind, these are all on Highway 98 between Watercolor/Santa Rosa and Destin. If you want to get your thrift on in another state or city, The Thrift Shopper will locate nearby stores when you plug in your current zip--genius!

Hwy 98 thrift stores in Florida

This store was on Lynn street right off the highway. It had a little bit of everything including a large warehouse with furniture at bottom dollar prices and posted daily specials--great place to find bargain pieces to re-create.

Hwy 98 thrift stores in Florida

Love the name of this one, but overall the prices seemed high. I guess there really is no place like home when it comes to my favorite Hill Country stores!

Hwy 98 thrift stores

This shop was located on the exit side of the parking lot of the previous shop so I almost missed it! Though not a thrift store, there were some amazing Vintage pieces and great prices including today's find, making it my favorite stop today.

Jadeite bowl

Today's treasure, this divine little Jadeite bowl is a rare find. Previously, I have found plates, cups and saucers and even mixing bowls but not this size bowl. Thank you Florida for my first--can't wait to get it home to my collection!

Hwy 98 thrift stores in Florida

This group of stores supports alcohol rehabilitation. The volunteers are from the program and are very friendly. This particular store had an abundance of excellent furniture arranged as neatly as any new furniture store I have seen. If you know someone near the area that is in the market for furniture, this is the place I would check first!

Hwy 98 thrift stores in Florida

Finally, this antique mall is worth the stop if you are in the mood to browse. Not the place to find a bargain and surprisingly as many new selections were available as there were antiques--just a fun place to explore or possibly pick up a gift.

Have you shopped thrift stores other than your home state? Did you prefer any compared to your home sweet home stores? Please share your thoughts!

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