Jadeite Obsession: Updated!

Greetings Friends! I first fell in love with these pretty little green dishes known as Jadeite when I found three  plates in a resale shop. Since then, I've scoured thrift stores, yard sales, Etsy and an occasional antique shop--when the price is right, to hunt bargains for my collection. One of my friends refers to them as happy dishes and I have to agree!  Jadeite was mass produced from the 1930s-70s primarily by Fire-King and McKee. These days it can be pricey but originally, it was considered cheap restaurant ware. I read that Quaker Oats used to include a cup or saucer in their oatmeal canisters as a promotional offer. Now that is a prize I would like to find in my cereal box! 

Vintage jadeite collection

Below I've included some of my fabulous Jadeite finds--click on the photo to read where I found it! 

Vintage jadeite bowls
Friday's Find: Jadeite Bowls & Name This Pitcher!

vintage jadeite vase
Friday's Find: Jadeite Vase

vintage jadeite plate wall collage
Create Your Own Charming Plate Collage

vintage jadeite bowl
Friday's Find: Shopping My Way Across Hwy 98!

Vintage Pyrex and jadeite
For the Love of Vintage

My Thrift Store Addiction


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  1. Love the collection and stories..just stumbled in from facebook, glad to make the cyber-connection (besides the I-sit-by-u-n-church-1) I had forgotten that oatmeal used to include these lovelies...thanks for the memory. :) Now I'll have to be on the look out for them. My kiddos will be some happy- NOT!!!

  2. As in MORE dishes, Mom?! The hunt is on! I appreciate your feedback :)

  3. You have such a beautiful jadeite collection! I just have 4 plates, it's always too expensive around here (SC) and I never find it in thrifts. The dealers must beat me to them! Thank you for sharing this at the History & Home link party. Take care, Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  4. I found 4 saucers and 4 shallow bowls once at the Salvation Army. Every time I have gone there since I go for the plate section first. Your display is so beautiful!

  5. What a lovely wall display you have done with these love jadite dishes.
    Very pretty.............I remember back when they used to put glasses
    and cups and saucers in the oatmeal box and sometimes in soap
    powder boxes. Pretty cool, I think.............
    Blessings, Nellie

  6. I love these too! Luckily I started collecting them before they got too expensive so I have quite a few. I love how they look in your display. Quite lovely!

  7. Gorgeous jadeite! I love fire king dishes, I have orange ons and now am on the hunt for some green ones.

    Have a good day!

  8. Congrats on your jadeite finds. Jadeite pieces are a real treasure... love your displays!

  9. Just love the color!
    My goodness! Looks like my mother's old mixmaster down to the right. "Pamas" or what it was called...

  10. I love your Jadeite collection. I started collecting it years ago and still love them and actually use some of the pieces. The first thing I ever bought on Ebay was a piece of Jadeite. So exciting. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  11. LOVE your collection and I am your newest follower. The days of finding Jadite in the thrift stores are long gone around here.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your collection. I had no idea what it was called. I just inherited my parents oval platter. I just remember it as "the" platter Sunday roasts were served on. Maybe I'll start looking for more of it and get a collection like yours.

  13. It is funny how time changes the value and price of things that were once inexpensive. I love your Jadeite collection.



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