Friday's Find: Vintage Pillowcases!

Thank God it's thrifty Friday, Friends! Anyone who knows me would agree that I am a"girl-y" girl, so I am a pushover for Vintage linens which provide the perfect combination of soft cotton, romantic lace and embroidered flowers...sigh!  I literally wore out my favorite time worn pair-- so much so, that one ripped from my pillow when I was making the bed!  While I used to spot these lovelies in abundance at estate sales, lately they have been harder to come by and today I was on a mission!

Vintage pillowcases

After shopping the sale I attend weekly and coming away empty handed, I decided to try one I usually pass over due to higher prices.  When I saw a sign posted that read, "Linens will be priced at register," I was prepared to walk away empty handed.  I mean honestly, what does that mean?!  Am I at the mercy of how long the line is or how frazzled the employee is?  It seems simple enough to post a sign listing the prices rather than haggle with each prospective buyer but like I said, I was prepared to walk away if the prices were too high.  So I stood in line, smiled sweetly and requested the price for my four hankies and pair of pillowcases, which were gorgeous and in excellent condition by the way.  I was pleasantly surprised when I heard, "That will be $2.50."  Yes! Music to my ears!  In addition to the beautiful linens I purchased, I adopted a new attitude toward the estate sale company I had previously avoided.  Lesson learned and next week I will add them to my list!

vintage pillowcases

A closer look--I love the soft crocheted edging! Are you fond of Vintage linens? I would love to hear about your latest find!

vintage pillowcases



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  2. These remind me of my Grandmother Vandever. We always slept on her embroidered pillowcases. I can see her sweet smile in these treasures.

    1. One of my favorite things about Vintage treasures is the memories they trigger :)

  3. Vintage linens are my not so secret addiction as well. I think I may have a pair with the same or similar pattern. But they don't have the crocheted edge as yours do! What a nice find and the price was right!

  4. These are a great find! I love vintage linens. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  5. I love antique and vintage linens. What a find that pillowcase is!

  6. Nothing better especially if they are nice and clean. My very favorite thing to look for.


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