July Show and Tell

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Need a little mid-week inspiration?
I asked my resourceful blog members to share some of their recent finds and upcycled projects and I'm sharing the love...

When her daughter downsized for a move, Stacy salvaged this wine rack and gave its natural wood a makeover.   She mixed a chalk paint recipe from Pinterest using inexpensive flat paint and unsanded grout. She finished  by brushing on dark stain, wiping it off and then setting the finish with wax. The results speak for themselves--cheers to her charming barn red transformation!

upcycled wine rack

Shari frequents estate sales and favors jewelry. Recently, she discovered this beautiful turquoise and sterling bracelet for $15! Often the jewelry display is near the cash register--by the time I get there,  I have looked, picked and am ready to go. Shari's find is a good reminder to spend a few more minutes hunting for treasure.

estate sale jewelry

Score--Ann found this festive red bowl at a garage sale for $2!   Since she bought several items, she was able to negotiate a better deal.  Often sellers are willing to reduce prices if you purchase more than one thing.  It never hurts to ask--just remember to smile first!

garage sale finds

Finally, I'll share one of my all time favorites. My local thrift store has a weekly parking lot sale. Thinking the case was a piece of old luggage, I pulled it out from under one of the tables and popped it open.  Surprise!  This Vintage 1959 Smith Corona cost me a whole quarter! 

vintage typewriter

Share your thrift makeover or favorite find--it could be featured on a future post!

My Thrift Store Addiction

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