Creating Your Own Charming Plate Collage

Greetings Friends! Have you noticed the increasing number of plate display wall hangings available in home decorating stores?  Usually, the "plates" which are often metal or materials other than china or pottery, are assembled as one large piece and as you can imagine, also carry one large price tag!   Some time ago,  I admired a wall hanging like this at Pier One.  The colors complimented my decor and I considered splurging...and then I reconsidered!  At the time, it was unique in that I hadn't seen any like it before.  Since then, they are popping up all over the place and starting to have that manufactured generic look.  As you probably guessed I decided to create my own collage.  With my affection for pretty dishes and frequent thrift store visits, I had plenty at my fingertips!  As you can see, choosing your own plates and the way they are displayed allows versatility and showcases your personality.  Your display might be all the same pattern or a different color for each plate.  Can you tell I am partial to flowers? 
Plate wall collage
My first plate collage hangs on the wall opposite my dining table
Before hanging, I arranged them on my dining table to preview the best placement.  I used inexpensive wire plate hangers. You can usually find these for $1 or less near kitchen gadgets or hanging hardware--do not buy these at home decor stores where they will run $3-$5 each!  I pick them up any time I see them at yard sales or thrift stores.  

vintage silver wall collage
A collection of my silver thrift finds

I adore Vintage silver, especially with a worn patina like these pictured above.  Maybe you only have a few pieces to begin--just add to your display as you find them!  Arrangement and colors can be changed up as your taste changes.  

vintage plate collage
An assortment framing a doorway can make a grand entrance--even if it is the laundry room!  

Even a single plate over a door way can be lovely.  Here, I've created an arch as I've added to my Jadeite collection above my laundry room door--a little cheer before tackling a dreaded chore!  Creating your own plate collage is an inexpensive way to add charm to your walls.  Each pretty plate is its own tiny work of art!  Some of my very favorites, like these pictured have been thrift store finds.  Until next time, happy hunting! 

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