DIY Vintage Framed Chalkboard

Greetings Friends! Recently, I saw this ornately framed chalkboard at World Market.  You know I love me some chalkboards and the embellished white frame was sheer perfection. I knew as soon as I saw it (and the price tag) I would be making my own version. 

ornate framed chalkboard
World Market's Framed Chalkboard--lovely but at $39.99, not a lovely price!

Believe it or not, I actually had this frame at home!  You guessed it--a thrift find and another one of those times I didn't actually have a specific purpose in mind when I purchased it.  I just knew I would regret walking away from it.  Mine was $7.50 and even better than the WM one, since it is vintage.  Did I mention, I bought it painted just like this?! It was only missing the glass but I had another idea...

DIY Vintage Framed Chalkboard
My vintage frame $7.50 from my local thrift store!

Since the glass was missing, I decided to use chalkboard fabric which is durable and works just as well if not better than chalkboard paint. I used less than a 1/2 yard which was around $2.50.  I stretched it tight across the cardboard backing, then taped it before stapling it to the inner frame edge.

DIY Vintage Framed Chalkboard

Viola'--the finished project!  Not bad for $10, huh?!  So many reasons to love thrifting! 

DIY Vintage Framed Chalkboard
My DIY version for $10!

Share your recent finds, makeovers or upcycled projects to be featured in my next Show and Tell.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. I didn't even know chalkboard fabric existed! LOVE that vintage frame, and it was already painted?! Thanks for sharing at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday.


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