DIY Burlap & Chalk Cloth Banner

Greetings Friends! Designers and event planners everywhere have jumped on the bunting banner wagon! Weddings, baby showers, graduations and more are hanging celebratory greetings in honor of each special occasion. I have seen many varieties from Vintage hankies and lace to sheet music, all lovely to behold! I decided to combine two of my favorites: chalk cloth and burlap. Burlap adds warmth to the Autumn months and versatile chalk cloth allows you to change the greeting seasonally. These are easy to make and best of all, they can be used again and again!

burlap and chalk cloth outdoor banner
Burlap and chalk cloth banner perched atop my fence for a warm welcome!

As you can see, I have mine displayed in the garden.  If inclement weather is anticipated, you may prefer to bring them indoors. Fresh chalk may also be necessary depending on weather conditions--I find chalk pens last really well outdoors.  You can decide how many flags you want, depending on your message.  The banner pictured has 13.  You will need 8.5" at the top of the triangle and 9.5" for both sides for each burlap flag. For the chalk cloth, measure 6" at the top and 7" for the sides. I just measured and drew the triangle patterns on computer paper.   I cut my chalk cloth with pinking shears for the zig zig edge, but used regular shears for a straight edged burlap.  I started with a 1/2 yard of each cloth and had material left over.  I used ivory burlap but you may prefer the darker natural shade. Begin by cutting all of your triangles and pinning the chalk cloth centered on the burlap. You will also need ribbon or jute to string your banner.  I used jute twine and then tied some pretty wider ribbon at each end.  Stitch the chalk cloth to the burlap as pictured.

burlap and chalk cloth banner
Stitching the chalk cloth to the burlap.

With an iron, press down about a 1/4 inch of fabric, and then stitch along the edge, leaving room to string your twine or ribbon.

burlap and chalk cloth banner
Press first, then stitch casing for ribbon.

Trim the edges of each flag, my finished size is 7.5" at the top and 8.5" for the sides. These measurements are meant as guides! You may make them as small or large as your heart desires!

DIY burlap and chalk cloth banner
Trimming the edges

DIY burlap and chalk cloth banner
Use a safety pin to to thread the twine through each flag.

DIY burlap and chalk cloth banner
Continue threading your twine through your flags to complete your greeting!

I would love to see your DIY projects--do share!

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