Friday's Find: Jack & Jill O' Lanterns!

TGITF Friends! How cute are these metal Jack O' Lanterns?! I must confess this is more my speed rather than carving real ones.  When I spied them for 50% off at my favorite thrift store, I decided they needed to come home with me!  They look bright and festive nestled near my front door.  Ginger Grand was equally impressed and promptly named the larger one after me--the name he calls me anyway-- and the smaller one after himself!

metal jack o'lanterns
"Tahtee & Silas"

That brought back memories of my oldest daughter who used to call any large and small pairing, "The Mommy and the Aimee."  Time has a way of repeating itself!  What are your Fall favorites?  I would love to hear from you!

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