What Was I Thinking?! DIY Dresser Makeover

 Have you ever started a project with enthusiasm only to hit the "what was I thinking?!" stage like a brick wall? Whether it is running out of paint or another unforseen interruption, reality and creativity collide and can derail the best of intentions.  Chances are, you have or will meet similar obstacles along your path of projects. You know--the stage before the pretty "after" photos, when you want to cut your losses and run!  Since I just journeyed this rocky terrain myself, I wanted to share the process: flaws, frustration and all.

What Was I Thinking?! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com How to give a $10 yard sale dresser a luxe look for less

It began innocently enough, this past weekend when I attended a thrift store warehouse sale. Before the doors opened, I had my eyes on a dresser in the parking lot that had definitely seen better days. Even so, its design was very similar to my upcycled vanity, which is one of my very favorite pieces. Under the influence of my vision of its potential in addition to the headiness of having my $10 offer accepted, I headed home with my next project and high hopes.  I mastered the task of unloading my cumbersome acquisition on my own. Not near as fun as the shopping and also not my first time to do this, the trick is in balancing the bulk of the weight hanging out of the back of my Toyota Matrix and having my handy blanket ready on the driveway.  After gingerly lowering the dresser onto the blanket, I proceed to push and pull it to its desired location.  I am pretty proficient at this though I'm sure any passing cars wonder what in the world I am doing!  Dresser and drawers unloaded,  I am officially ready to begin.

What Was I Thinking?! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com $10 yard sale dresser drawers BEFORE
It is filthy, so I start cleaning with Murphy's oil soap when I first start to notice an unknown foam material that I originally thought were places paint had been rubbed off particle board.  The majority of the dresser is wood including the actual drawers which are in excellent condition.  However, the outer facing off the drawers seems to be paint over this foam over particle board, which stumps me--something I have never seen before! Still determined, I begin to improvise. Most of the original paint, though scratched and yellowed is still in tact, so I try sanding the "foamy" areas.  This works okay on a few corner places but I soon discover the bottom edge of the dresser is a mix of peeling paint and foam.  Sanding the bottom edge only seems to make the surface rougher so I decide to try to remove the foam--easier said than done! I spend a good chunk of time alternately sanding and scraping the foamy mess.  I wonder if I will ever finish and if the foam will ruin an otherwise great dresser! What was I thinking?!  End of Day 1.
What Was I Thinking?! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com $10 yard sale dresser BEFORE
Day 2:  I am optimistic.  The dresser and drawers are sanded and ready to paint.  I have removed as much foam as possible  with a little wire brush and I test the area to see if there is any way I can cover it with enough paint...no!  I decide to put the bottom edge dilemma on hold and start painting the rest.  After the first coat, I run out of paint, so I'm off to buy more.   I also pick up pretty glass knobs to replace the current less desirable ceramic ones  and hunt for some type of solution to cover the bottom edge issue, but nothing stands out. Once home, I add a second coat of paint and love the soft gray shade but am still clueless on how to resolve that bottom edge!  Time to call it a day.   Day 3:  I wake up with spackle on my my mind--not sure if it will work but going to give it a try!  I press it in the grooves and over the rough edges, smoothing it as I go.  While it dries, I paint the scrolled edges of the dresser top and drawers white.
What Was I Thinking?! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com $10 yard sale dresser BEFORE repair with spackle and paint
The spackle seems to be hardening but to be safe I want to let it harden overnight.  The rest of the dresser is dry, so I apply a thin coat of wax to seal the paint. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Day 4:  The bottom edge hardened, so I lightly sand it before painting. I apply the new glass knobs to the top drawers and the freshly painted pulls to the bottom ones.  I clean up my very messy work area, thank God for spackle, and stand back to admire the finished project!

What Was I Thinking?! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Give a $10 yard sale dresser a luxe look for less!

 Have you had a project that almost got the best of you? What was your fix? 

What Was I Thinking?! mythriftstoreaddiction.blogspot.com Give a $10 yard sale dresser a luxe look for less!

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  1. Don't you just love those little surprises! I've never heard of anything like that. My "what were you thinking" moment...a zebra print wall done with acoustic ceiling tile. Loved the end product. Glad I stuck with it.

  2. Thanks so much for linking up to Motivational Monday on thediymommy.com, Joy in Our Home and Burlap and Babies. It turned out beautifully!


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