Friday's Find: Julia Child and More!

Good day--a few yard sales, an estate sale and a thrift store visit and I found everything in this photo!  Red tray, Vintage hankie, 3 silver pieces AND a Vintage Julia Child cookbook all for less than $20.  Happy girl :)  Today was a good lesson in taking a second look.  I was literally standing in line at the estate sale to purchase only the hankie when I saw the cookbook across the room.  I oh-so- nonchalantly rushed over to grab it, thinking it must be a later edition.  The cover is spotless and like many of the vintage ware I find doesn't appear to have ever been used!

Julia Child Cookbook

I discovered that though there was a later reprint, this is the 1968 version referred to in the movie, "Julie & Julia". I love it! Have I mentioned I have a Vintage kitchen?!  In contrast to the mint condition of the cookbook, the silver pieces I found have my favorite lovely worn patina and were $2 each. Now these I found as I was leaving a yard sale, and just happened to see an area behind a gate I had missed. Never hurts to take a second glace...!

The French Chef Cookbook

Until next time, happy hunting! 

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