Vintage Graduation

Hello Friends! My children inherited my love for Vintage finds and when Favorite Son was graduating and asked for a "retro" Polaroid and typewriter, I was quite the proud parent. With only a month to spare, there were no guarantees but I assured him I would do my best. The hunt was on...

Vintage Graduation Party

I found the Polaroid still in its original packaging at an estate sale and learned from my tech savvy brother that I could buy film online, which I promptly ordered. After watching a YouTube video on how to load the film (!) I was thrilled to hear the distinctive sound of the test photo popping out. It worked! Now for the typewriter... 
As a writer, I love old typewriters! I love the appearance of the old keys, the sound of their rhythmic clicking, and even their quaint carrying cases. After searching several thrift stores in vain, I finally found one at a yard sale. It was a 1950s Remington beauty and the gentleman who sold it to me informed me that he used it in his high school typing class! I knew FS would get a kick out of this! Since he requested "retro" gifts, I thought it would be fun to style the party in the same theme. I used blue fabric to cover a card table I had also picked up thrifting, and added a runner of chalk board fabric. The typewriter case served as the perfect card basket. As a finishing touch, I displayed black and white childhood photos of my boy, even hanging some from trees.

Vintage Graduation Party
Proud Mom with the Graduate! 

My Thrift Store Addiction



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