Happy Thoughts Family Gallery Wall

Greetings Friends! This is my "happy thoughts" wall, one of the first things I see when I wake up in the morning. Actually, you can tell a lot about what is important to me just by looking at it. While I  treasure photos  throughout my home, these are special tokens of my children and family...

Family memories gallery wall

In my childhood home, my mother always kept framed photos of me and my brothers hanging in the hallway. These were the  portrait studio, color coordinated outfit, posed variety that were popular back then.  We love to give my Mom a hard time for what I've since named "wardrobe abuse". About ten years ago, we even hammed for our recreated version of a childhood photo.  We all wore red shirts and my brother actually photo shopped bandana print to mimic the original! Of course Mom loved it and I credit my affection for framed memories to her--though I am partial to more candid shots like this one with my brothers.

family gallery wall

And now for the thrifty details...
For my gallery wall I began with the black and white family photos in the center, choosing creamy ivory frames and painting several I thrifted. The vintage plates were a yard sale find and inspirational quotes and verses are courtesy of Hobby Lobby 50% off. Though my vignette now spans the wall, I have been selective about what I added. When my local newspaper featured my first book signing, it was proudly displayed, then gradually  I received gifts that I knew belonged.  At the very top, hangs a delicate glass cross given to me by the sweet family whose children I babysat for seven years. On the far right is a Monet print from the Metropolitan Museum of Art my oldest daughter gave me as Christmas gift.  Above it hangs stunning photographs my younger daughter captured of the garden. On the left are photos I took when my Mom treated me to a trip to Charleston and Savannah for my birthday, just last year. With the new additions I added some silver frames.  As you can see, over the years I've rearranged and added to my wall of memories. Start watching for unique frames when you thrift. Remember, it doesn't have to be a whole wall.  Arrange what you have and add to it in time. Whether it is your own sketches, family photos or art collection, create your own gallery and display your happy thoughts! 

family gallery wall

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  1. It's funny because my Mom had the same photo gallery in our hallway. No random photos allowed...only posed family groupings.

  2. Love this happy wall! Thanks for linking to Motivational Monday!


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