Put a Bird on It!

Hello Friends! Am I the only one who occasionally holds onto random items thinking, "I might use that for something..."?  I will confess that eventually some end up being donated or recycled elsewhere--especially if I happen to catch an episode of Hoarders! However, there are those rare times, when one of those keepers really does serve a purpose and therefore is no longer random. Ages ago, I picked up this Vintage hat stand at a yard sale. I was inexplicably drawn to the ornate free standing metal piece, though I absolutely did not have a use in mind. Enter random item number two; a round brass piece that was stuck in a box of frames a friend gave me. I think it was originally from a chandelier.  Though I started to throw it out more than once, it just looked like the finishing touch to something--again I didn't have a clue as to what...

Repurposed garden art

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was shopping the 70% off sale at Hobby Lobby.  When I came across this little white metal bird, it practically sang to me and I just knew that it would fit on that hat stand I'd been saving.  Sure enough--when I stacked the three pieces placing the bird on top, it worked.  I sanded the roughed up edges, and added some fresh white paint which I love against the green herbs.  Voila! A unique garden sculpture for less than $5. Note to self: sometimes those random finds are worth saving after all!  

Repurposed garden art

Do you gravitate toward the random when thrifting?  

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